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Tim Sakabu

Tim Sakabu


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Tim Sakabu

Tim Sakabu’s college search didn’t exactly involve closing his eyes, spinning around three times and planting an index finger in middle America.

Still, the Oklahoma State finance student’s path from Sacramento to Stillwater was a bit unconventional. With a college counselor living under his roof back home in California, Sakabu leaned on his mother, Donna, to produce colleges of interest, based on a few basic criteria:

  • Medium size.
  • Zealous school spirit.
  • A stout business school.
  • Specialized academic programs.

Eventually, after crunching the data and whittling away from a larger list, a group of three emerged: OSU, Kansas University and the University of Oklahoma.

“I designed a tour,” says Donna, who works for a private school counseling group in Sacramento, where the Sakabus live. “My husband and I took him during spring break of his junior year of high school, so April of 2014.

“I called it the ‘Tornado Alley College Tour.’”

Storms never appeared, yet it was a whirlwind visit to parts unknown, featuring trips along the I-35 corridor to all three campuses. When it came time for a decision, OSU sold itself, with help from its greatest resource – the people.

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