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International Internship 2017

international internship 2017

Join six hotel and restaurant administration students as they take you on their photo journey of a lifetime as they intern in four Chinese hotels for six months. Shown are Melanie Strawn and Julianna Romero, interns at the Grand Hyatt Taipei. Savannah Mullins and Rachel Larson are interns at the Hilton Nanjing Riverside, Xander Guevara, Jr. is an intern with the Hilton Changzhou, and Jiae Moon will intern at the Marriot Taipei.

The students were asked recently, “What is the most important thing you’ve learned so far on this journey?” They show amazing poise and insight in their answers.

“I am learning how important it is to be able to follow and not always have to be the leader,” Larson said. “I am so use to being the manager and leader at home, but here things work differently. I am learning to let go of control and how to learn in a different culture of hospitality.”

Strawn said she was learning the differences between Asian hospitality and business structure versus western hospitality and business structure and why it is important to understand both. “I’m learning how to accept different aspects of a foreign culture that I am not used to,” she said.

Julianna Romero and Savannah Mullins also gave their thoughts.

“I am learning patience and understanding from a new perspective,” Romero said. “This experience has given me a chance to become vulnerable and open to learning about hospitality outside the western culture.”

Mullins said she has learned that although people of different cultures have different processes, neither are wrong nor right.

“In order for me to grow as a person and a member of my society, I must learn of others and embrace our differences versus try to change them,” Mullins said.

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