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Awards & Accolades 

Dr. Christine Johnson presents Dr. Yeasun Chung the Outstanding Graduate Faculty Mentor Award in the College of Human Sciences.

School of Hospitality and Tourism Management’s Dr. Yeasun Chung received the College of Human Sciences’ 2017 Outstanding Graduate Faculty Mentor Award.

Based on graduate students’ nominations, the award is given annually to recognize graduate faculty who contribute to the professional and personal development of graduate students, are involved in the graduate student experience including recruitment and retention of graduate students, and demonstrate leadership in their field.

Chung, who is an assistant professor, focuses on finance, asset management, health and safety strategies as they relate to a company’s value. Her students used collaborative and mentor often in their nominating materials.

“She puts students in the center of the learning process. I feel that I have become a self-directed learner after I took a class with her,” one student said.

Described as a servant leader, she shares credit with students on research projects, respects their opinions and encourages them to apply their ideas in the research context.

“Sometimes, I feel that I'm the leader of the project because she listens to me and gives me complete freedom to choose the method of the paper,” another student said. “However, if I make any mistakes she is always there to help.”

After taking a statistics class with Dr. Chung, many of her students started to enjoy research methods and statistics. She encouraged them to not think about their grades, but rather gain knowledge and skills that can be applied to other situations.

Her passion for OSU has helped recruit and retain graduate students in HRAD. 

“Thanks to her enthusiasm as a researcher and mentor, I decided to stay here and learn more from her,” a student said. “She sees OSU not only as a place to work but also an environment where she learns, leads people to learn and makes learning enjoyable and fun.”


Dr. Leong

2017 Hall of Fame Award

A Hall of Fame recipient is awarded annually during Hospitality Days. This year the award was presented to Dr. Jerrold Leong.

Dr. Leong has worked in the foodservice industry for more than 60 years, beginning at Kim’s Restaurant in Burlingame, California in 1956. He has held the National Restaurant Association’s National Certification, Foodservice Management Professional, FMP since 1994. Dr. Leong has taught basic food skills and preparation and sanitation management education to more than 5,000 students during his career in the School of Hospitality and Tourism Management for more than 31 years. He has written and co-authored over 20 publications on foodservice including Crisis management Preparedness to Protect Food Product in a Foodservice Operation, the Effects of Experimental Conditions on Consumer Perceptions of Ground Beef, and the Impacts of Culinary Education on Healthful Food Preparation. He has received the Regents Distinguished Teaching Award and the John A. Drysdale Award for Achievement. Dr. Leong has served as the advisor to Eta Sigma Delta International Hospitality Management Society since 1999, but he is most respected by the students in the school for his “roll up the sleeves, get the dishes done” attitude at over 65 Distinguished Scholarship Benefit Series dinners. At each Chef Event, you will find Dr. Leong quietly washing dishes, pots, and pans, setting the example that there is no work too hard for anyone to help with.