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Oklahoma State University
School of Hospitality and Tourism Management

Spears School of Business at Oklahoma State University

Ben Goh

Ben Goh

Professor & Lanphere Professor

365 Human Sciences
Stillwater, OK 74078
Phone: 405-744-7651


Degree Institution Area of Study
Ed.D. Nova Southeastern University, Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Educational Leadership
B.S. Texas Tech University. Lubbock, Texas Restaurant, Hotel & Institutional Management.
M.B.A. Texas Tech University. Lubbock, Texas.



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  • Hubert Humphrey Fellowship Selection Committee (Thailand – 2013)
  • Thailand Fulbright Scholar Selection Committee (2012)
  • Thailand Junior Fulbright Researcher Selection Committee (2012)
  • Guest Editor, Int. Journal of Revenue Management, Special Hospitality Issue (2009 -2010)
  • Journal Reviewer for the Journal of Quality Assurance in Hospitality and Tourism (2011-present)
  • Journal Reviewer for the International Journal of Hospitality Management (2011-present)
  • Editorial Board for International Journal of Revenue Management (2008 - present)
  • Journal Reviewer for International Journal of Services Technology and Management (2008)

Awards & Recognition:

  • Fulbright Scholar, 2012 – Teaching and Research at Bangkok University, Bangkok, Thailand.
  • Recipient of Kathryn Burrelson Faculty Service Award, 2011.
  • Recipient of President’s Excellence in Teaching Award, 1999 & 2010.
  • Recipient of Spencer Wells Excellence in Teaching Award 2001.
  • Member of the Texas Tech University Teaching Academy (1999 – present)

Professional Memberships:

  • Council on Hotel, Restaurant, and Institutional Education (CHRIE)
  • American Management Association
  • American Hospitality Financial Management Society
  • Eta Sigma Delta (International Hospitality Honorary Society)
  • Beta Gamma Sigma, Honor Society for Business School
  • Phi Beta Delta, Honor Society of International Scholars
  • National Association for Minorities in Hospitality