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Oklahoma State University
Department of Finance

Spears School of Business at Oklahoma State University

The Finance Pathway to a MS in Accounting and certification as a CPA

Chart your path to a bachelor’s degree in finance and a master’s degree in accounting and the credentials to sit for the CPA exam. Financial innovation has fundamentally changed the highly integrated worlds of finance and accounting. Businesses today operate in a rapidly evolving environment of dynamic financial markets, advances in technology, innovations in financial contracting and increasingly complex financial instruments. College graduates need to be prepared for this continually evolving environment. The Department of Finance and School of Accounting in the Spears School of Business developed the Finance Pathway Program to provide students with the skills and breadth of knowledge necessary to be successful in this dynamic global economy.

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Prepare for the future

The Finance Pathway Program is a five-year program designed for undergraduate finance majors with a desire to obtain a Master of Science degree in Accounting and a CPA. Finance majors in the Pathway Program will be awarded a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration with a major in Finance (B.S.B.A.–Finance) on completion of the undergraduate degree requirements and a Master of Science (M.S.) degree in Accounting on completion of all required graduate course work. At the end of the program, the graduate will have a B.S.B.A. in Finance, an M.S. in Accounting and the necessary credentials to sit for the CPA exam. Finance majors in the Finance Pathway Program begin work on a Master of Science (M.S.) degree in Accounting after completion of 90 hours of undergraduate course work. Therefore, finance majors interested in the Pathway Program must apply and gain admission to the M.S. in Accounting program in the second semester of their junior year. Undergraduate finance students accepted in the M.S. in Accounting program take a combination of undergraduate and graduate courses during their fourth and fifth years at OSU. As an undergraduate finance major a student in the Finance Pathway Program will substitute 12 hours of accounting into the student’s plan of study. As Accounting graduate students (during the fourth and fifth years in residence), the finance majors in the Finance Pathway Program are required to take fifteen (15) hours of graduate finance courses.

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See specific information on the course requirements for the Finance Pathway Program.
Students interested in the Finance Pathway Program should visit with the Head of the Finance Department, the Coordinator of the M.S. in Accounting program, or their advisors for additional information about the Finance Pathway Program.

Admission requirements

Overall GPA: 3.0
ACCT GPA: 3.25
GMAT: 550 or higher

Course requirements

Undergraduate Program Requirements      Graduate Program Requirements     
Accounting Requirements   Accounting Requirements   
ACCT 3013 Federal Income Taxation 3 ACCT 5103
Seminar in Contemporary Accounting Theory I 3
ACCT 3103  Intermediate Accounting I 3 ACCT 5113
Financial Accounting Research 3
ACCT 3113 Intermediate Accounting II 3 ACCT 5503
Advanced Audit and Assurance Services 3
ACCT 3203 Cost Accounting 3   Required Graduate Level Accounting Courses 9
ACCT 3603 Accounting Information Systems 3 Choose TWO of the following  6
ACCT 4133 Advanced Accounting 3  ACCT 5133  International Oil and Gas Accounting  
ACCT 4503 Audit Assurance Services 3  ACCT 5153  Financial Statement Analysis  
   Sub-Total Accounting  21  ACCT 5543  Fraud Examination  
  Finance Requirements    ACCT 5233  Valuation and Business Risk Management  
 ECON 3313
 Money and Banking  ACCT 5513  Advanced Auditing and Assurance Services  
 FIN 4223
 Investments  ACCT 5603  Accounting-Based Information Systems  
 FIN 4333
 Financial Management  ACCT 5753  Seminar in International Accounting  
 FIN 4213
 International Financial Management   Choose ONE of the following
FIN 4813
Portfolio Management (Spring Only) 3  ACCT 5XXX  International Accounting Experience  
Choose ONE from the following: 3  ACCT 5830  Graduate Internship in Accounting  
FIN 3613 General Insurance    ACCT 5840  Spec. Topics — CPA Review  
FIN 3713 Real Estate    ACCT 5850  Practicum in Professional Accounting  
FIN 4113 Financial Markets and Institutions      Graduate Level Accounting Electives  9
FIN 4363 Energy Finance     Finance Requirements  
FIN 4843 Risk Management    FIN 5053
 Theory and Practice of Financial Management  3
  Sub-Total Finance 18  FIN 5763
 Derivative Securities and the Management of Financial Price Risk  3
  Communications requirement 3   Choose THREE of the following 9 
  Sub-Total Communications 3  FIN 5153  Corporate Financial Strategy  
  Elective requirement 1  FIN 5213  International Business Finance  
  Sub-Total Elective 1  FIN 5223  Investment Theory and Strategy  
  Total Undergraduate Credits(General and Department Specific) 120  FIN 5243  Financial Markets  
       FIN 5333  Corporate Governance  
       FIN 5550  Special Topics: Either Fixed Income or Risk Management or Energy Finance *  
        Graduate Level Finance Requirements 15
        Total Graduate Credits
(Required and Elective)
        Total Credits for the Finance Pathways Program 153

* A student may take a maximum of four (4) different Special Topics courses (FIN 5550)