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Spears School of Business, Oklahoma State University

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One step at a time, we believe that students can change the world. No matter what your career or life ambitions, it is critical to have big dreams, and to not be afraid to pursue those dreams. We want you to learn how to bring an innovative perspective to all of your professional pursuits. The EEE program is structured to give you lots of opportunities to build a portfolio of innovative and entrepreneurial experiences while you are at OSU. It is not simply what happens inside the classroom, but also the opportunities for experiential learning through extracurricular opportunities.

At the core of our philosophy at OSU is a principle of total student immersion. We want students to live and breathe the entrepreneurial experience. Students can also gain invaluable experience by getting involved in the Creativity, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Living and Learning Community.

Student entrepreneur of the year Sean Wyatt

CIE is a learning community that focuses on encouraging students to dream, but also to do something about those dreams. Every student is rich in creative, innovative and entrepreneurial potential, but many do not recognize their potential, or are unsure how to channel it and take advantage of it. CIE is about working with others in a variety of contexts to make innovative change happen. Another opportunity for students to gain invaluable experience is the Entrepreneurship Club (E Club), an organization the Department of Entrepreneurship & Emerging Enterprises works very closely with. Our very unique Riata Center Entrepreneurial Internship Program provides students with an opportunity to work and make a difference in a high growth, entrepreneurial firm. The accelerateOSU Pitch and Poster competition is open to all students on campus. Also, we sponsor a Student Entrepreneur of the Year Award, and recognize student excellence at the annual Entrepreneurship & Emerging Enterprises Banquet. In addition, the Riata Center for Entrepreneurship offers a number of outreach programs in which students can get heavily involved, from a women’s entrepreneurship initiative, a program working with Native American entrepreneurs, a program with disabled veterans, and a series of bootcamps to help Oklahomans create ventures.

We also believe that students can learn much and gain valuable experience by helping to manage or getting involved as a volunteer or consultant in our many outreach programs, such as the OSU Entrepreneur’s Bootcamp, the Veterans with Disabilities Entrepreneurship Program (VEP) and the Women’s Entrepreneurship Symposium.

In addition The School of Entrepreneurship supports a 15 member Student Advisory Board. It consists of 15 of our sharpest undergraduate majors—ranging from freshmen to seniors. The criteria for serving on the Student Advisory Board is to have a 3.00 or better GPA, go through an interview process, and show a passion for entrepreneurship and our program.

The Student Advisory Board serves as advisors and ambassadors for our program. The activities the members of the board perform include (1) meet with prospective students, (2) participate in recruiting events for the School of Entrepreneurship and Spears School of Business, (3) support School of Entrepreneurship and Riata Center activities, (4) advise the faculty of the School of Entrepreneurship on curriculum and other issues, and (5) make class visits to key classes in other colleges to promote School of Entrepreneurship and Riata Center programs and activities.

Students are appointed to the Student Advisory Board for one academic year and receive a $1,000 academic scholarship.

EESA photo
EESA photo