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Oklahoma State University
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Spears School of Business, Oklahoma State University

Pitch and Poster Competition

1st place at the 2015 Pitch & Poster competition was awarded to Kelsey Kruse for her business idea “ Pretty Please.” Pretty Please is a studio space in Stillwater where brides and other clients can receive hair, makeup, and other services as they get ready for their big event.
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All businesses start with a cool idea. Before committing to writing a business plan, a pitch and poster competition is the perfect way to get feedback on your new business idea or product. Competitors will create a poster and quick pitch to present to judges. The top three presentation in each track will win $1,500 and automatically qualify as semi-finalist for the 2018 Riata Business Plan Competition in the Spring semester.

Pitch & Poster Competition Tracks:

Hipster - Changing the world by developing new products in a STEM field.

Hacker - Launching novel ideas via apps or web based software.

Hustler - Selling physical products, food, or retail in an innovative way.

Select your track and submit your application and business idea by September 15, 2017 (register online). The competition takes place on Friday September 22, 2017 and is open to all OSU students (no business experience required). The Pitch and Poster Competition is an event hosted by accelerateOSU. For more information, please call 405-744-4045 or email

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Past Pitch and Poster Competition Winners

  • 1st Place (ISN) $1000 – Pretty Please
    Kelsey Kruse
    A studio space in Stillwater, OK where brides and other clients can come to get ready before a big event.
  • 2nd Place (Interworks) $600 – Moldable Wood
    Ravikrishna Kumar, Gabriel Bahr and Sourabh Biswass
    Viktorie Ambrozova, Interior Design
  • 3rd Place (RCB) $400 – Room Ping
    Jake Duke and Christian Coffield
    A passive, low energy home monitoring device equipped with a motion, noise, light, and temperature sensor.
  • Best Technology (The Juvo Group) – iHealth Solutions
    Dhruva Jumar, Preeti Lekha
  • Best Family and Lifestyle Business (Dearinger ) – Quartz Creative
    Justin Culpepper
  • Best Social Venture (E-Club) – Modern Blox
    Swapneel Deshpande, Raghav Nargotra
  • People’s Choice Award (Kicker) – Dry Roof
    Javier Carrera Gomez

Who Should I Contact if I Have Questions?

For assistance please email or call 405-744-4045.

101 Business Building
Stillwater, Oklahoma 74078


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