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Oklahoma State University

About Us

The School of Entrepreneurship is the catalyst and hub for entrepreneurial activity on the Oklahoma State University campus. Our curriculum and programs focus on two things. The first is the development of an entrepreneurial mindset. Our intent is to help all of our students learn how to think, behave and act in a more entrepreneurially manner. We believe having an entrepreneurial mindset serves a person well, regardless of the path they chose in live. The second is to teach the business startup process, whether it is in the context of a new venture or a new business within an existing firm.

The Riata Center is a division of the School of Entrepreneurship. It is a vibrant, busy entrepreneurship center that is located in a highly visible location off the main lobby of the Spears School of Business. The purpose of the Riata Center is to support our students and run programs. A sample of the activities the Riata Center supports are as follows:

  • Internship program
  • Study abroad programs
  • Two student incubators
  • Pitch & Poster competition
  • Startup Weekend
  • Veteran’s Entrepreneurship Program
  • Speakers Series

Our Mission

Our mission is to train and inspire students and others to grow their entrepreneurial mindsets and gain a comprehensive understanding of the new venture creation process, whether in the context of a new business or within an existing firm.

Career Aspirations of Our Students

We believe our program benefits students regardless of whether they start a business or pursue a traditional career. Through their coursework and extracurricular activities our students learn how to recognize and vet opportunities, think creatively, take responsible risks, pitch an original idea, respond to questions by thinking on their feet, be resilient when things don’t go as planned, and so forth. These are qualities that both help a student launch a successful business and contribute to a traditional employer in a unique way. As a result, our undergraduate and graduate students have both launched businesses and have assumed entrepreneurially-minded roles in traditional firms.