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Oklahoma State University

Regional and Urban Economics

Regional and urban economics examines issues related to the intersection of economics with geography and public policy. Central to this field is the study of economic forces related to the development and growth of urban and rural areas.

Specific topics include:

  • Sub-national economic growth and development
  • Location choices of utility-maximizing households and profit-maximizing firms
  • Spatial differences in incomes, unemployment, and individual well-being
  • Advantages and disadvantages of spatially concentrating economic activity
  • Transportation of goods, people, and ideas across areas
  • Land use, land prices, and housing markets
  • State and local public finance and governance

We were recently ranked among the Top 20 institutions in the world based on publications in top regional science journals. We also ranked sixth in the United States, and Drs. Rickman and Winters both ranked among the Top 10 individual regional science researchers in the U.S. Dr. Rickman teaches our Ph.D. course in Regional Economics and Dr. Winters teaches the Ph.D. course in Urban Economics.