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Oklahoma State University

International Economics

International economics includes topics related to international finance and international trade. Research in international economics can be based on microeconomic or macroeconomic methods, depending on the question under consideration. Theoretical, empirical and simulation techniques are often used.

International Finance:

International finance studies topics in open economy macroeconomics. It uses theories based on micro-foundations and intertemporal approach to examine empirical regularities in international asset markets. Specific topics include international business cycles, exchange rate fluctuations, macroeconomic policy in emerging markets, and sovereign debts.

International Trade:

In the international trade specialization, we look at how trade in goods and services across economies is affected by different factors including international trade policies, trade agreements, exchange rate volatility or even by apparently non-trade changes like environmental rules, labor laws or institutional changes. Conversely, we recognize that trade itself has an impact on various economic outcomes like income and employment, inequality, environmental or other developmental indicators of an economy. Together the forces that affect trade or are affected by trade provide a broad range of topics for research in international trade.