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Oklahoma State University
Economics Working Paper Series

Spears School of Business at Oklahoma State University

2015 Working Papers

Crop Choice, Schooling Participation and Child Labor in Developing Countries: Cotton Expansion in Burkina Faso [download]
Harounan Kazianga and Francis Makamu

The Disparate Influence of State Renewable Portfolio Standards (RPS) on U.S. Renewable Electricity Generation Capacity [download]
Karen Maguire and Abdul Munasib

Do Higher College Graduation Rates Increase Local Education Levels?  [download]
John V. Winters

Adjusted State Teacher Salaries and the Decision to Teach [download]
Dan S. Rickman, Hongbo Wang, and John V. Winters

U.S. Regional Population Growth 2000-2010: Natural Amenities or Urban Agglomeration [download]
Dan S. Rickman and Hongbo Wang

Collinearity Diagnostics in gretl [download]
Lee C. Adkins, Melissa S. Waters, and R. Carter Hill

International Trade and Local Labor Markets: Do Foreign and Domestic Shocks Affect Regions Differently [download]
Mark D. Partridge, Dan S. Rickman, M. Rose Olfert, and Ying Tan

Urbanization, Natural Amenities, and Subjective Well-Being: Evidence from U.S. Counties [download]
John V. Winters and Yu Li

Regional Housing Supply Elasticity in Spatial Equilibrium Growth Analysis [download]
Dan S. Rickman and Hongbo Wang

Series editor
Harounan Kazianga
Associate Professor of Economics
327 Business Building

Karen Maguire
Assistant Professor of Economics
327 Business Building

John Winters
Associate Professor of Economics
331 Business Building