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Oklahoma State University
Economics Working Paper Series

Spears School of Business at Oklahoma State University

2013 Working Papers

Cash Transfers and Child Schooling: Evidence from a Randomized Evaluation of the Role of Conditionality  [download]
Richard Akresh
Damien de Walque
Harounan Kazianga

Disease Control, Demographic Change and Institutional Development in Africa  [download]
Margaret S. McMillan
William A. Masters
Harounan Kazianga

The Great Recession and Nonmetropolitan America [download]
Dan S. Rickman
Mouhcine Guettabi

U.S. Regional Poverty Post-2000: The Lost Decade [download]
Mark D. Partridge
Dan S. Rickman
Ying Tan
M. Rose Olfert

The Restricted Least Squares Stein-Rule in gretl [download]
Lee C. Adkins

Should Oklahoma Be More Like Texas? A Taxing Decision [download]
Dan S. Rickman

Series editor
Harounan Kazianga
Associate Professor of Economics
327 Business Building