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Oklahoma State University
Economics Working Paper Series

Spears School of Business at Oklahoma State University

2012 Working Papers

Empirical Assessment of the quantity-quality tradeoff for the Ogallala: A case study from West Texas [download]
Sanchari Gosh
Keith Willet

The Effects of “Girl-Friendly” Schools: Evidence from the BRIGHT School Construction Program in Burkina Faso [download]
Harounan Kazianga
Dan Levy
Leigh Linden
Matt Sloan

Integrating Regional Economic Development Analysis and Land Use Economics [download]
Mark D. Partridge
Dan S. Rickman

When Spatial Equilibrium Fails: Is Place-Based Policy Second Best [download]
Mark D. Partridge
Dan S. Rickman
M. Rose Olfert
Ying Tan

U.S. Micropolitan Area Growth: A Spatial Equilibrium Growth Analysis [download]
Michael Davidsson
Dan S. Rickman

Series editor
Harounan Kazianga
Associate Professor of Economics
327 Business Building