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Oklahoma State University



School of Entrepreneurship
Ast Prof

Phone: 405-744-8657


  • Ph D, Mississippi State University , Business Administration, 2022
  • MBA, Mississippi State University, Business Administration, 2018
  • BA, Bard College, Languages and Literature, 2012


  • Victoria Antin Yates, James M Vardaman, Benjamin D McLarty, Donald H Kluemper, and Jeffrey M Pollack. "Bridging the Gap: The Roles of Entrepreneurs’ Egotism and Structural Hole Occupancy in Venture Performance". Journal of Small Business Management (Forthcoming).
  • Chelsea Sherlock, Erik Markin, Rebecca G Swab, and Victoria Antin Yates. (2022). "A Systematic Examination of the Family Business Contributions: Is this Domain a Legitimate Field of Research?". Journal of Management History . (29), 3, 399-422.
  • Victoria Antin Yates, James J Vardaman, and James J Chrisman. (2022). "Social network research in the family business literature: a review and integration". Small Business Economics. 1-23.
  • Christopher Penney, James M Vardaman, Laura Marler, and Victoria Antin Yates. (2019). "An image theory of strategic decision-making in family businesses". Journal of Family Business Management. 2043-6238.


  • Let’s Play Family Feud: A Meta-Analysis of the Role of Affect in Predicting Family Firm Outcomes
    Annual Meeting of the Southern Management Association
    Southern Management Association
    San Antonio, TX - October 31 2024
  • Social Influence and Dark Triad Traits: A Crucial Blend for Entrepreneurial Action
    Babson College Entrepreneurship Research Conference
    Babson College
    Munich, Germany - June 7 2024
  • Women Entrepreneurs and Hybrid Work Arrangements: Hidden Benefits
    Women's Business Leadership Conference
    Oklahoma State University
    Tulsa, OK - March 12 2024
  • Towards a Holistic Understanding of Economic and Non-Economic Well-Being in Entrepreneurship: The Case of Hybrid Entrepreneurship
    Annual Meeting of USASBE
    United States Association for Small Business and Entrepreneurship (USASBE)
    Birmingham, AL - January 2024
  • A multilevel analysis of nonfamily employee innovation in family firms
    Theories of Family Enterprise
  • Iron Will: How Social Context Impacts the Role of Machiavellianism in the Translation of Entrepreneurial Intentions to Action
    Annual Meeting of the Southern Management Association
    Southern Management Association
    St. Petersburg, Fl - October 2023
  • A New Era of Family Business Research: a Systematic Review of the Topics and Top Contributors
    Annual Meeting of the Western Academy of Management
    Western Academy of Management
    Waikoloa, HI - March 2022
  • Getting Ahead over Getting Along: Social Perspectives on a Narcissistic Entrepreneurial Advantage
    Annual Meeting of the Southern Management Association
    Southern Management Association
    St. Petersburg, FL (Virtual) - October 2020
  • Family Religiosity and Socioemotional Wealth Stock Accumulation in the Family Firm
    Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management
    Academy of Management
    Boston, MA - August 2019

Awards and Honors

  • Runner-up, Best Paper, Entrepreneurship Division (2023)

Courses Taught

  • EEE 2023 (8 Semesters)
  • EEE 6363 (2 Semesters)