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Oklahoma State University

What We Do

We transform healthcare.

We leverage our unique assets:

  • Access to providers and patient populations;
  • Analysis of Cerner Health Facts and other partnership databases;
  • Expertise of Oklahoma State University academic departments;
  • A network of partnerships.*
    *We develop partnerships to broaden, deepen, and accelerate innovation. The amount of time and resource investment by either party is unique to each project. Submit inquiries here.

We focus on practice solutions and product innovation.

We create solutions to transform patient care with an intensive focus on rural primary care and communities. We design, test, and implement solutions to clearly defined problems in rural primary care clinics and hospital settings.

Rural healthcare providers face patients with more chronic diseases than other populations of same age. Therefore we focus on the following diseases:
Heart disease, Stroke, Hypertension, Diabetes, and Respiratory issues.
We have a number of clinical care teams conducting in-field research. In a partnership with Oklahoma State University Rural Health Department, rural health physicians and providers both inform and are engaged in our research.
Additionally, we focus on mental health and its impact on outcomes.
We also lead teams conducting business model research both in the field and within database analysis.

A primary care innovation lab will be built within the new OSU Health Sciences Center to support work flow and product testing and innovation.

We analyze Cerner Health Facts data to improve clinical and financial outcomes.

The hope of big data is the acceleration of health care insights to ultimately bring the future of healthcare closer.


Cerner, a global provider of health care information technology, donated to OSU CHSI the use of the Cerner Health Facts database, a comprehensive source of de-identified real-world data that is a collected by-product of patient care. In congruence with Cerner’s mission to contribute to the systemic improvement of health care delivery and the health of communities, CHSI analyzes Health Facts. It is a HIPAA compliant database collected from participating clinical facilities starting in 2000. It is the industry’s only data source that uses a comprehensive clinical record with pharmacy, laboratory, admission and billing data that is time-stamped and sequenced. The data source is identified to region. The areas where the data can give insight is boundless and we work to harness this strength for our own mission. We are also interested in partnering with others and encourage you to submit partnership requests and research or innovation ideas on our Contact Us page.

Cerner Health Facts:

  • Comprehensive source of de-identified, real-world, HIPAA-compliant data
  • Industry’s only data set that includes comprehensive record with:
      • pharmacy data
      • laboratory data
      • clinical events data
      • admission data
      • billing data

In addition to the Health Facts data, we partner with academic institutions, corporations and organizations to increase the diversity of our data including, but not limited to, Oklahoma health data, national consumer health data, and social media. 

We partner to increase depth and speed of innovation.

We access the expertise and innovation enthusiasm of the Oklahoma State University community as well as individual, academic, and corporate innovators to converge health, life sciences, and business solutions.

We are interested in joint projects or in helping innovators advance their projects that are aligned with our mission.

Partnerships are key to accelerating health innovation.