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Oklahoma State University


Volunteering with CHSI Institute for Predictive Medicine (CHSI-IPM) is a great opportunity for OSU students to apply their knowledge and skills to real-life big data to investigate problems prevalent in healthcare industry. Volunteering opportunity at CHSI-IPM is open to OSU students from any major. OSU students can volunteer with CHSI-IPM by attending CHSI-IPM volunteer training sessions, and completing relevant data sharing agreements and legal documents. Please see the following table for the TENTATIVE SCHEDULE* for volunteer training sessions:

Semester Volunteer Training Session
Spring Beginning of the Spring Semester
Middle of the Spring Semester
Summer Beginning of the Summer Semester
Fall Beginning of the Fall Semester
Middle of the Fall Semester

We DO NOT require applications from students who are interested in CHSI’s volunteer opportunities.

Volunteers can use the data to work on the problems of their interest or the problems given by CHSI-IPM at the volunteer training session. Academic advisors of the volunteers are also required to complete the data sharing agreements and legal documents if they need to access to the data to guide the students. Volunteers are expected to complete their projects within the semester, but the volunteer appointment can be extended up to one year. Volunteers are also required to submit final reports about their projects by the end of their appointments. Competitive volunteers will be asked to present the results at CHSI seminar meetings, and will receive CHSI certificate of Health Data Explorers after the presentation. After the one-year period, interested volunteers can renew their appointments by attending another volunteer training session.

*Please refer to CHSI’s latest recruiting events at for the actual dates, and to subscribe CHSI’s mailing list to receive the notifications of our latest events.

Hall of Fame

The list below represents student volunteers who have been inducted into CHSI’s Health Data Explorer Hall of Fame. Each semester, CHSI recognizes and awards those volunteers who are able bring back and share their insights and findings from the work they’ve done with the CHSI team. Working with real health data, and at a magnitude of millions of patients, is no easy task. CHSI is extremely proud of these volunteers who have persevered to overcome the challenges involved and who have contributed as much of their time and talent as they did to discovering new knowledge and furthering CHSI’s mission in transforming healthcare for rural and Native Americans.

Spring 2017

Hruday Medavarupu and Abhinav Valluru
Biting Zhou, Aniket Padval and Egueke Ogheneovo
Rishabh Gupta and Rucha Jadhavar
Vinay Kumar Motamarri, Vivek Vardhan Yerram, Shruthi Dhonthi, and Chandra Verma Ampolu
Gaurav Khatri
Madhu Gunda and Sai Soundarya Gorthi

Fall 2016

Anuj Dwivedi
Huyen Nguyen
Qingqing Dai
Ritesh Vangapelli, Jital Petal, Jaideep Muley, Nikhila Kambalapalli, and Prasad Shikha (not pictured)
Shubham Panat, Harsh Gupta, Varsha Akkaloori, and Vivek Singh (not pictured)
Vasudev Sharma, Linyi Tang, Vaibhav Vanamala, Zaid Shaikh, and Juipratap Salunkhe

Spring 2016

Rushil Homma and Akshaya Parthasarathy
All Terrain Land & Air Sphere - ATLAS™
Aditya Nimje, Raj Nagesh, Rushil Homma, and Rishabh Dimri
All Terrain Land & Air Sphere - ATLAS™
Abhinav Garg and Tanu Srivastav
All Terrain Land & Air Sphere - ATLAS™