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Oklahoma State University

ROK-Net: Rural Oklahoma Network A Practice-Based Research Network

The Rural Oklahoma Network (ROK-Net) is a synergistic effort of the Oklahoma State University Center for Health Sciences (CHS), including its Department of Family Medicine and Center for Rural Health, and the OSU Spears School of Business’ Center for Health Systems Innovation (CHSI).  It will be headquartered at the OSU CHS campus in Tulsa. Although nearly 175 similar networks exist across the country, ROK-Net is one of a handful devoted exclusively to rural health.

ROK-Net provides an infrastructure for the development of peer learning networks comprised of rural clinicians and providers, OSU researchers and innovators, and community partners. These networks study recurring problems in rural primary care and develop resources and quality improvement initiatives in response to findings.  Providers play an instrumental role in shaping research and development efforts to ensure relevance and application to daily practice.


For more information:

For more information call Center for Health Systems Innovation at 918-582-1973

ROK-Net Core Values:

  • Strong relationships among participants
  • Leadership by rural healthcare providers

Vision: Disparities in health status between rural and non-rural populations no longer exist in Oklahoma. 

Mission: Create an alliance of rural primary care providers to identify and implement solutions to address rural Oklahoma health challenges.

Goal: Expedite efforts to discover, develop, and implement insights and resources vital to effective care in rural Oklahoma.


  • Increase resources available to rural practices
  • Help rural practitioners operate as efficiently as possible
  • Improve access to care in rural communities
  • Encourage clinicians to practice in rural areas

Interested in joining ROK-Net?

ROK-Net has high aspirations for advancing rural health delivery and decreasing rural health disparities.  Its first initiative is to identify resources that will be most impactful to current rural primary care practice. 

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