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Oklahoma State University
Center for Health systems innovation

Spears School of Business at Oklahoma State University

FAQs – OSU Health Data Shootout 2016

Feel free to post your questions on our Facebook event OSU Health Data Shootout.

Stuck with the process of completing the legal documents?
Come to 345 Business Building from 1:00 – 2:00 pm Monday to Friday if you are in Stillwater to submit the legal documents. We have some copies available. We need all members’ signatures and your team name only.
The HIPAA certificate and other information will still be included in the registration form as normal.

  1. Do I need to have experience with data or in healthcare to participate in the shootout?
    No, students from all majors and backgrounds are welcome. You are encouraged to find at least a team member who has data experience to understand the data better.
  2. Can I ask my advisor to advise or be in my team for this shootout?
    This health data shootout is for students only, so faculty members cannot be included in any team. You can have any OSU student from any major in your team. Please find the details in the Rules & Judging section.
  3. Why do I need to complete the HIPAA training and sign the legal documents?
    As the data provided by Cerner is real-world datasets, confidentiality, code of conduct, and intellectual property need to be ensured. This is also the process you can expect when working with datasets in healthcare industry.
  4. How can I get the data?
    In order to get the data, please be sure to complete the registration in which you need to provide all required information and upload all required documents for every team members. Please note data will be released to registered teams via email starting from September 16.                                                

    Please refer to Schedule for more details on specific steps and timeline.

  5. Can I know the scheme and elements of the data?
    Yes, the information will be delivered to teams along with the dataset after required documents from every team member are submitted.
  6. What kinds of solutions are expected?
    The solution can be in different forms ranging from just an idea to a demo or a dashboard, a predictive model, a workflow improvement recommendation, a business plan, an app, a system, and so on. Whatever the solution is, it should include the following parts:                                                                                                                                                                                    
      • Innovation (e.g., tool, tech, idea, gadget, dashboard, predictive model, workflow improvement, interesting analysis/insight gained from data integration, etc.)
      • Output/Results of innovation (can be real or conceptual or even include a demo)
      • Recommendation based on the innovation output
      • Business plan showing the feasibility and impacts of the innovation
  7. Can I combine other information with the provided dataset?
    Yes, you are encouraged to seek the most effective combination of datasets to assist your process of finding the solution. If you add more data from other sources, please clearly show the source and justify why you think the added data is relevant.
  8. What tools can I use?
    There is no restriction on the kind of tools/ software to use. Please clearly mention what tools/ software you use to assist the process of finding solutions. A lot of software, including SAS®, is available for OSU students for free and can be downloaded at
  9. What are the judging criteria?
    Please find the rules and judging criteria under the Rules & Judging section.
  10. Where do I submit the documents and results?
    The documents and final results including the report and presentation slides can be submitted under the Data & Submission section.
  11. Are there templates for the reports and presentation slides?
    Yes, please refer to the templates in the package.
  12. How long is the final presentation?
    The final presentation will be in 10 minutes followed by 5 minutes for Q&A.
  13. Can I further develop my idea using the dataset provided in this data shootout?
    Please refer to the Data Sharing Agreement in the legal documents for the intellectual property. “Oklahoma State University is the owner or licensee of the product, process, or data that is the subject of this academic exercise. As consideration for the opportunity to participate, student agrees that any resulting Intellectual Property, whether or not patentable, conceived by the student as a result of their participation, involving the use, formulation, or administration of said product, product, or data will belong to the University. This policy is aligned with the University’s standard intellectual property policies governing student work utilizing University resources”
  14. How can I contact CHSI if I have questions?
    Please contact us at or post your question at our Facebook Event OSU Health Data Shootout.