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Oklahoma State University
Center for Health Systems Innovation

Spears School of Business at Oklahoma State University

OSU Health Data Shootout


The 2018 health Data Shootout has concluded!
Congratulations to the winning teams!
Check out our Facebook event page for more information!

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OSU 2018 Health Data Shootout

February 20 – March 14, 2018

Oklahoma State University

The OSU Health Data Shootout is an annual data competition hosted at OSU that offers students a rare and unique opportunity to work with a set of real data extracted from Cerner Health Facts®, one of the largest electronic health records (EHR) databases.  Students from all majors and disciplines, and across all campuses, are invited to join.  Participants are given a two-week period to work with the data on interdisciplinary teams to develop creative and innovative solutions to current and relevant health problems.

The focus of the 2018 OSU Health Data Shootout will be on post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).  Students will be provided a dataset that contains demographic, history, diagnosis, treatment, and vital signs on PTSD patients.  These patients were identified on the basis of receiving an ICD9 PTSD diagnosis code of 309.81 on at least one visit.  Using this dataset, students will be encouraged to draw on their diverse skills and backgrounds to develop solutions targeted at either identifying risk factors and trends, predicting outcomes, supporting decision-making, facilitating access to care, improving patient understanding, reducing cost, or any other strategy to improve health care delivery, understanding, and outcomes.

General Information

Previous Years

2016 Health Data Shootout

OSU’s Center for Sovereign Nations joined CHSI in hosting the first university-wide Health Data Shootout competition during Fall 2016. Student teams worked on analyzing a de-identified record subset containing information on 250,000 American Indian patients from the Cerner Health Facts® database. Over 100 students representing 14 different majors from 8 different schools participated.  Teams competed to develop the most innovative solutions to address the healthcare challenges facing American Indian patients.

Previous winners

First place: Special Chai, “Health: A game of disease progression.”
Pankush Kalgotra, PhD in Management Science & Information Systems
Ankita Khurana, M.S. in Industrial Engineering & Management
Rahul Sati, M.S. in Industrial Engineering & Management

Shubham Singh, M.S. in Management Science & Information Systems

Second place: Beyond the Numbers, “Enhancement of clinical decision making using predictive modeling.”
Archana Chinnaswamy, M.S. in Business Analytics
Swarup Jacob, College of Education

Third place: HealthChurn, “Exploration of hospital readmission rates and non-clinical paths for Native Americans in West South Central census zone.”
Ankita Srivastava, M.S. in Healthcare Administration
Rupesh Agrawal, PhD in Management Science & Information Systems
John Grammer, M.S. in Management Science & Information Systems
Shanmugavel Gnanasekar, M.S. in Business Analytics
Ravi Shankar Subramanian, M.S. in Business Analytics

2016 Health Data Shootout

CHSI 2016 Health Data Shootout

The inaugural Health Data Shootout competition, hosted by Oklahoma State University's Center for Health Systems Innovation, hosted its award ceremony Oct. 13 in the Starlight Terrace of OSU's Student Union.

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