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Oklahoma State University
Center for Health systems innovation

Spears School of Business at Oklahoma State University

OSU Health Data Shootout

Winners announced for Inaugural OSU Health Data Shootout

The final round of CHSI’s inaugural OSU Health Data Shootout took place Oct. 13 at Starlight Terrace of OSU Student Union. We would like to express our special thanks to the judges for their hard work and the participants for their interesting findings. Congratulations to the winners. We are looking forward to the next exciting Health Data Shootout.

Three teams with the top awards are below.

First place: Special Chai, “Health: A game of disease progression.”
Pankush Kalgotra, PhD in Management Science & Information Systems
Ankita Khurana, M.S. in Industrial Engineering & Management
Rahul Sati, M.S. in Industrial Engineering & Management

Shubham Singh, M.S. in Management Science & Information Systems

Second place: Beyond the Numbers, “Enhancement of clinical decision making using predictive modeling.”
Archana Chinnaswamy, M.S. in Business Analytics
Swarup Jacob, College of Education

Third place: HealthChurn, “Exploration of hospital readmission rates and non-clinical paths for Native Americans in West South Central census zone.”
Ankita Srivastava, M.S. in Healthcare Administration
Rupesh Agrawal, PhD in Management Science & Information Systems
John Grammer, M.S. in Management Science & Information Systems
Shanmugavel Gnanasekar, M.S. in Business Analytics
Ravi Shankar Subramanian, M.S. in Business Analytics

A Health Data Analytics Competition

Data analytic competitors will arm themselves with their analytics arsenal to identify innovative, data-driven health care business and care solutions from data modules provided by Oklahoma State University’s Center for Health Systems Innovation. Competitors will take their best shot at finding meaningful insights aimed at impacting health whether that be rethinking gold standards of care, defining a more effective flow of care, insights in care outcomes, algorithms for predictive medicine and clinical decision making, or more. Competitors are encouraged to aim high and shoot far!

For more information about how to participate in the OSU Health Data Shootout, please visit Schedule.

Center for Predictive Medicine, Center for Sovereign Nations to host Health Data Shootout

OSU’s Center for Sovereign Nations has joined CHSI in hosting the university-wide Health Data Shootout competition this fall. Student teams can register to access a nearly 250,000-record subset of de-identified data on American Indian patients from the Cerner Health Facts database, the nation’s largest data warehouse of electronic medical records. Teams will compete for the most innovative solutions to healthcare challenges facing American Indian patients. Registration begins Aug. 29. Read more here.