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Oklahoma State University

Graduate Research Assistant / Summer Intern

CHSI Center of Predictive Medicine (CHSI-CPM) offers two types of GRA/Intern opportunities to graduate students across departments within OSU:

GRA/Intern in research and development (R&D) track

This type of GRAs or interns is directed towards Ph.D. students who conduct independent research that can potentially bring in CHSI innovative perspectives to investigate the healthcare data possessed by CHSI. The applicants for the GRA/intern in R&D track are required to include a research proposal in their application. Please see the following proposal template for the information that should be included in the proposal.

  • Problem statement and research objectives
  • Literature review
  • Contribution to CHSI’s mission, and the relation to the student’s dissertation research
  • Approaches and preliminary results
  • Research plan in the following semester with estimated timelines
  • References
  • Résumé or CV, and advisor’s information

GRA/Intern in applied-project track

This type of GRAs or interns is mainly targeted on capable Master students who are willing to work on analytical and/or implementation projects assigned by CHSI. We DO NOT require research proposals from GRAs or interns in applied-project track because they will be assigned with specific projects by CHSI.

Students who are interested in working with CHSI-CPM as GRAs or interns are required to attend the recruiting sessions, at which detailed application information will be given. We strongly recommend interested students to work with us as volunteers before the application. TENTATIVE SCHEDULE* of GRA/intern applications are listed in the following table.

Working Semester Application Begins Application Ends
Spring Middle of September Middle of October
Summer Middle of February Middle of March
Fall Middle of February Middle of March

All GRAs and interns are required to complete relevant data sharing agreements and legal documents before accessing to Cerner Health Facts® data. The academic advisors of the GRAs/interns are also required to complete the data sharing agreements and legal documents if they need to access to the data to guide the students. GRAs and interns are required to submit midterm and end-of-semester reports about their progresses, and to present them in CHSI seminar meetings. The report should be professionally documented; please see the following report template for the information that should be included in the report.

  • Abstract
  • Introductory sections (please include general background, literature review, research gaps, research objectives, and contributions)
  • Methods
  • Findings and results
  • Progress based on the proposed timelines
  • Future research plan
  • References

GRAs and interns are also required to turn in presentation slides, one-page research brief, and code (with reasonable amount of comments) along with their end-of-semester reports. CHSI evaluates the performance of GRAs and interns based on the reports and presentations. In particular, we evaluate the significance of the findings and results, and examine the alignment of GRAs/interns’ progress with the proposed timelines. The appointments of GRAs and interns with satisfactory progress and interesting future research plan are renewable. A detailed proposal about the future research plan may be required if necessary.

*Please refer to CHSI’s latest recruiting events for the actual dates, and to subscribe CHSI’s mailing list to receive the notifications of our latest events.