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Oklahoma State University

Programs and Initiatives

In addition to student clubs and free training resources, CHSI also supports a number of different programs and initiatives.  These programs and initiatives are designed for those seeking more rigorous training and formal recognition for their efforts to either gain a deeper understanding or transition into the areas of rural healthcare, health innovation, or health data analytics.

Health Data Analytics Certificate

The Health Data Analytics Certificate is a unique, interdisciplinary program jointly supported by the Spears School of Business, the Center of Health Sciences, and the Center for Health Systems Innovation. The goal of this certificate program is to educate and produce the next generation of analytics professionals who can transform “big data” sources into actionable knowledge and insight for the improvement of health, health care, and medicine. This program covers a total of 12 credit hours, and allows the courses to be double-counted towards a master’s degree.

To learn more about this certificate and how to apply, please check out the MIS program page.


iME3D is a an elective curriculum for medical students that focuses on innovative medical education by including design thinking, innovation, entrepreneurship, business principles, and technology into medical education. Students will learn advanced problem solving and innovation strategies to prepare them to apply these to develop new products, solve medical and patient delivery problems, and learn how to start their own company. Technological instruction spans 3D printing, data analytics research, medical informatics introduction, and healthcare focused app development. This concentrated area of study will begin in spring of the first year and continue through second year. Those interested may choose to develop thesis project over the course of the clinical years. This program is a hands-on program and is for students who have a passion beyond caring for patients, who have a passion for innovating health care itself.

To learn more about this program or apply, please reach out to

Research with Rural Medical Track and Research Rotations

CHSI works with the Rural Medical Track students and the Center for Rural Health to conduct research meaningful to rural health clinics, population health, and innovation. Non-rural medical track students also can elect to do a research rotation with CHSI. CHSI accommodates as many requests as possible. Students are encouraged to reach out early to help to facilitate defining or joining work with projects. Research work can vary from in clinic collection of primary data to data analytics.

To learn more about this program or how to be involved, please reach out to

Predict for America

The Predict-for-America program is a fellowship program aimed at providing training to those interested in pursuing a career in health data analytics. Modeled after Teach for America and Venture for America, Predict for America aims to recruit Health Data Analytics Fellows to Tulsa, Oklahoma from across the US to develop solutions to healthcare challenges using data analytics. Predict for America Fellows may be undergraduate or graduate students, postdoctoral researchers, junior academics, entrepreneurs, or executives. Each full-time HIT Fellow will serve a two-year term, culminating in a three-month internship with a local corporate partner, such as a hospital, insurance provider, or healthcare IT business. Two new fellows will be recruited each year through several venues, such as industry organizations and university programs focused on health analytics. Housing will be provided for fellows in Tulsa’s Brady District.

To learn more about this program or apply, please reach out to