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Oklahoma State University

Educational Support


Student clubs provide unique opportunities for students to gain access and exposure to experiences not available otherwise in a classroom setting. Realizing the important roles that clubs can play in supporting CHSI’s efforts to develop and prepare the next generation of healthcare innovators and health data scientists, CHSI is proud to be the sponsor of one student club at Oklahoma State University (OSU).

Programs and Initiatives

In addition to student clubs and free training resources, CHSI also supports a number of different programs and initiatives. These programs and initiatives are designed for those seeking more rigorous training and formal recognition for their efforts to either gain a deeper understanding or transition into the areas of rural healthcare, health innovation, or health data analytics.

Training Resources

To help foster an awareness of and interest in health data analytics, CHSI is in the process of developing free training materials. Currently, CHSI has preliminary modules available for high school STEM students and medical students seeking to learn more about data analytics and whether it might be an area of future interest for them. Teachers, professors, and educators are also welcome to learn from and use the resources below for training purposes.

Student Recruiting

From time to time, there are student internships available in both rural health delivery and data analytics. Type of position will be dictated by project need, and job requirements will differ depending on the project. Open positions will be posted once they are available.