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Oklahoma State University
Center for Health systems innovation

Spears School of Business at Oklahoma State University

Data Requests

The goal of CHSI’s data request program is to support the independent research conducted by OSU faculty and students. CHSI accepts the data request applications twice a year. Please see the following table for the TENTATIVE SCHEDULE* of the data request:


Application Begins

Application Ends


Beginning of March

Beginning of April


Beginning of September

Beginning of October

Interested OSU students need to complete OSU Student Data Request Application. The application needs to include the following information:

  • Problem statement and research objectives
  • How the research aligns with CHSI’s missions
  • Explanation about how to use CHSI resources (e.g. data and/or technical support) to complete research objectives
  • Résumé or CV of the applicant
  • Advisor’s information

OSU students requesting data to support their research or class project need to have an advisor who has agreed to assist them in their project. CHSI cannot provide on-going research support or guidance. Students who are granted with Cerner Health Facts® data via data request are required to complete relevant data sharing agreements and legal documents before accessing to the data. The students’ advisors are also required to complete the data sharing agreements and legal documents if they need to access to the data to guide the students.

OSU faculty and staff are not required to submit the application form. Instead we ask interested OSU faculty and staff to contact us directly at

*Please refer to CHSI’s latest recruiting events for the actual dates and to subscribe CHSI’s mailing list to receive the notifications of our latest events.