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Oklahoma State University
Center for Health Systems Innovation

Spears School of Business at Oklahoma State University

Data Analytics

CHSI Center of Predictive Medicine (CHSI-CPM) is willing to partner with OSU students to support their research. Data requests for Cerner Health Facts® data for independent research by OSU students are encouraged. We also welcome OSU students to work with CHSI-CPM as volunteers to explore the rich database. In addition, CHSI-CPM recruits competitive graduate students across departments within OSU as GRAs, part-time student associates, or summer interns to work on data analytical projects of our interest. The data requests and the data analytical projects supported by CHSI-CPM need to be performed in line with CHSI’s mission and strategy, and are expected to address the following concerns:

  • Does the project support CHSI’s core mission to improve healthcare for rural and Native Americans?
  • Would the results of the project change how healthcare is currently conducted or lead to significant improvements in outcomes?
  • Could the results of the project be implemented/deployed in real-life healthcare institutions?
  • Could the findings of the project be used to elicit a strategic partnership between CHSI and another organization of interest (e.g. pharma, insurance, government, etc.)?

Student Opportunities for Data Analytics

Graduate Research Assistant

Summer Internship


OSU Student Data Request