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Cerner Health Facts

Cerner Health Facts® is an invaluable resource in data analytics and predictive medicine.

Human/Eye of Hope
Pankush Kalgotra, Ph.D., maps over 50 million patients health data and depicts diseases. Two diseases are linked by a line if patients develop them simultaneously. The human body image “Human: A Universe of Diseases” (above) depicts the array of diseases associated organ or area as present in the data. The eye (below) depicts the most common disease centered in the middle. The larger the dot, the greater the incidence of disease.

The Cerner Health Facts® database is a real-world, de-identified, HIPAA-compliant electronic health records (EHR) database. It was donated to CHSI by Cerner, a global provider of healthcare information technology.

The database is a by-product of care delivered at participating Cerner client hospitals and clinics, and consists of a subset of those hospitals and clinics who have agreed to contribute their data for research purposes. All identifying patient information has been removed from the database to facilitate research on the data.

Unlike claims data, which covers primarily billing data, the Cerner Health Facts® database is a comprehensive dataset. In addition to the diagnosis and procedure codes that are typically available in claims data, Health Facts® also includes encounter-level admission and discharge information, patient demographics, hospital attributes, medication dosage and administration information, lab test orders and results, and surgical case information with detailed timestamps. Patients are also assigned a unique ID, so it is possible to follow patients through episodes of care provided at any Cerner-affiliated hospital or system, or conduct longitudinal analysis on a group of a patients.

Health Facts® at a Glance

  • Geography: Entire US (identifiable down to census division)
  • Timeline: 2000 – current
  • Patients: 63 million
  • Encounters: 380 million
  • Hospitals: 600+
  • Diagnoses: 480 million
  • Procedures: 45 million
  • Lab tests/procedures: 4 billion
  • Clinical events: 3 billion
  • Surgical cases: 4 million

Read about Health Facts® and get some stats from a published article here.

Get Access to Health Facts®

Given the wealth of data contained within the Cerner Health Facts® database, the areas where this data can provide insight into improving healthcare is boundless. We at CHSI strongly believe that, if harnessed correctly, such a dataset could have the potential to drive innovation in many different areas of healthcare.

Consequently, we are interested in providing data to support joint projects or efforts by researchers and innovators who are working on innovative healthcare solutions. To learn more about how to start a request for data, check out our Request Data page.