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The Oklahoma Municipal Court Clerks Association certification program is coordinated by Oklahoma State University at the Center for the Future of Work.


A one-time fee of $20 is required to participate in the certification program. The fee must be received in order for your registration to be officially completed. Any hours attended prior to official enrollment in the certification program will not be included on your transcript.




Active membership in the Oklahoma Municipal Court Clerks Association is required for participation in the OMCCA certification program. OMCCA membership fees should be paid directly to the association.


  • How do I keep track of my credit?
    You can track your credit with a transcript produced by OSU and sent out annually in May. It is important to note that in order for OSU to track your credit and for you to receive your transcript, you MUST be registered and paid for the certification program which has a one-time $20 fee and is separate from OMCCA annual dues. Once certification is completed, you can register for the mastery program for an additional $20.
  • How do I request a copy of my transcript?
  • How many hours are needed for certification?
    Court Administration Hours Needed
    Orientation to the Courts 3
    Appeals 1
    Bail Bond Procedures 1
    Case Management 2
    Legislative Update 2
    Warrants 1
    Juvenile Law 1
    Alternative Sentencing 1
    Records/Financial Management 3
    Total for Court Admin 15
    General Education Hours Needed
    Ethics in Government 2
    Civil Liability 1
    Forms Design 1
    Outside Agency Relations 2
    Leadership 3
    Total for Gen Ed 9
    Electives Hours Available
    Supervision 2
    Time Management
    Business Writing 2
    Goal Setting 2
    Public Relations 2
    Stress Management 2
    Interpersonal Communication 2
    Jury Management 2
    Total for Electives (out of 16 listed) 12
  • What if I have questions/concerns about my transcript?

    If you have concerns about your transcript you can email the questions to or call 405-744-5208

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