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This is an opportunity to attend sessions on emerging topics that are practical and will make a difference to the success of your casino in your industry.




Who Should Attend?

Key directors, managers and supervisors involved in the productivity and profitability of a property which may include, data analysis of areas, oversight of projects and strategic planning.

Day/Time Session  
Monday, April 24    
Tuesday, April 25    

Data Analytics

Wednesday, April 26



Data Analytics




Strategic Business Management via Business Simulation

Thursday, April 27



Strategic Business Management via Business Simulation

  • Topic Descriptions: Monday, April 24
    Module 1: Measuring What Matters; Data-Driven Leadership for Gaming & Hospitality
    Explore the Casino Profit Model and evolution of the Service-to-Profit process. Discuss the role of leaders in gaming & hospitality enterprise while identifying the people, operations and technical measurements that establish a foundation for excellence
    Module 2: Monitoring Player Database Health
    Dive deeper into player database performance as we highlight the benchmarks for key rated play results. Join the conversation about which player measurements are mission-critical to property financial performance and learn when taking corrective action is non-negotiable. Leave this time with new understandings of player worth evaluation, reinvestment, measured market opportunity, churn, and segmentation best practices.
    Module 3: The Economics of Player Development
    Learn to identify which players contribute to property performance, and which players don’t! During this session, we will illustrate the techniques used to identify the players that matter most, effective host coding processes, and how to leverage appointment marketing to drive visits from high-worth players.
  • Topic Descriptions: Tuesday, April 25 and Wednesday, April 26 (1/2 day)
    Data Analytics:
    Plan to attend this hands-on workshop that will have you work with data which you can model when you return to your own casino business. Casino business intelligence applications are becoming more important and historical data can help us predict which assist in daily business decisions and help you foresee future behavior. Questions such as… how do you segment market? How can you make a financial forecast based on in-house data? How do you measure a lifetime value of a guest/player? A major component is the number of customers who come on-site and the subsequent outcomes, i.e. propensity to buy additional services/products. The ability to sift through data and draw it into usable information is important for future advertising/marketing campaigns and the success of a business.  What you will learn:
    • Demonstrate: basic forecasting
      • Short term-weekly, monthly, quarterly
      • Long term-annual forecast
      • Sales forecasting
      • Comparison of properties
    • Segmentation-utilizing data
    • Lifetime value strategy of guests-frequency, recency
    • Predictive model-guests/players attending property
    • How do I test? Player behavior data
  • Topic Descriptions: Wednesday, April 26 (1/2 day) and Thursday, April 27
    Strategic Business Management via Business Simulation:
    Decision making and teamwork are essential leadership skills. The simulation will broaden your understanding of target market selection and positioning of brands in that market, value creation in product design, cash flow planning, profitability analysis, and strategic planning and management. The overall experience will stimulate you to consider the effects of your decisions on the organization. A spirit of team dynamics, competition and integration of concepts learned are skills you can take back with you and apply immediately to you organizational setting.
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