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Taped Workshops

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

This series is comprised of three one-hour virtual workshops from OSU Spears School of Business instructors to assist you with your professional development.


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$50 per session

$125 for all three session

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  • Agenda

    Part One:

    Developing Your Resume

    Kellie Ebert, Manager, Eastin Center for Career Readiness


    We’ve all heard the famous Will Rogers quote “You never get a second chance to make a first impression”, but what we often don’t realize is that when searching for the next step in our careers, our resumes are often the first opportunity an employer has to make an impression about us. Resumes are where we get to highlight our achievements and the value we’ve added throughout our career. It’s a wonderful way to summarize why we are the best candidate for a position! But let’s be honest, few of us are enthusiastic about writing or updating a resume. There is a lot of advice on the web about resumes, both good and bad, and it can be difficult to determine what the best practices are. In this workshop, we’ll take some of the pressure off and walk you through resume best practices and formatting tips and tricks. You’ll walk away with the skills and confidence to create a strong resume that will help make the best first impression possible.

    Learning objectives:

    • Rethink the purpose of your resume
    • Learn how to format and organize your resume
    • Maximize the effectiveness of your resume

    Workshop outline:

    Module 1: Resume mindset reset
    Participants will gain an understanding of what they are trying to accomplish with their resume and learn to think about their resume differently

    Module 2: Resume nuts and bolts
    Participants will learn the most effective way to organize their resume

    Module 3: Resume gamechangers
    Participants will learn specific things they can do to make their resume stand out to recruiters and hiring managers

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    Part Two:

    Refreshing Your Brand: Using a personal marketing strategy to advance your career

    Abbey Davis, MBA, Director, Eastin Center for Career Readiness


    How would you describe your personal brand? Come to think of it, what does it even mean to have a personal brand? Whether intentional or not, we all have a brand, but does it represent our values, skills and authentic selves? Developing a personal marketing strategy helps to ensure that the actions we take and showcase truly represent who we are and who we aspire to be. If we’re not intentional about our marketing strategy and the stories we tell, then we may be missing out on opportunities that can help us realize our full potential.

    Learning objectives:

    • Get intentional with your personal brand
    • Understand the components of a personal marketing strategy
    • Keep track of the significant stories that make up who you are and learn when to tell them
    • Learn to showcase our authentic selves

    Workshop outline:

    Module 1: Personal brand 101

    Participants will define their personal brand and identify current and future marketing networks

    Module 2: Creating a personal marketing strategy

    Participants will develop a personal marketing strategy that focuses on achieving long-term career objectives with actionable goals

    Module 3: Story time!

    Participants will develop a personal story log that can help with networking opportunities, interviews, and any professional communications

    Module 4: What makes you, YOU

    Participants will identify and explain what makes them unique

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    Part Three:

    Expanding Your Professional Network

    Abbey Davis, MBA, Director, Eastin Center for Career Readiness


    If you think about it, each day we have multiple opportunities to interact with our current network and expand it. Whether it’s interacting with a new supplier, or meeting someone in line at the coffee shop, we meet new people all of the time. What if we told you that you are being interviewed during each of these interactions? What if a conversation with someone new led to an opportunity where you were both able to help each other? In this workshop we’ll learn ways to expand our professional network through relationships of mutual reciprocity.

    Learning objectives:

    • Leverage formal and informal networking opportunities
    • Embrace networking as a selfless activity
    • Maximize your LinkedIn network

    Workshop outline:

    Module 1: Mapping your network

    Participants will build a network map and identify potential gaps

    Module 2: Givers and takers

    Participants will learn about the reciprocity ring concept by researcher and author, Adam Grant

    Module 3: LinkedIn Advocate

    Participants will learn about the important aspects of a LinkedIn profile and how to maximize the networking functionality of this powerful tool

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  • Speakers

    Abbey Davis, MBA

    Abbey Davis, MBA, is the Director of the Eastin Center for Career Readiness and an adjunct instructor in the Spears School of Business at Oklahoma State University. Before joining OSU, Abbey worked as a full-time corporate HR professional specializing in the areas of talent development, organizational development, performance management and compensation. She has supported internal business clients with these specializations in both energy and manufacturing industries. Abbey received her bachelor’s degree in human resources and MBA from OSU. In 2016, Abbey was recognized as an Outstanding Young Alumni for the Spears School of Business. Outside of the Eastin Center and teaching, Abbey also stays connected with students through the Spears mentoring program and serving on the OSU MBA Advisory Board.

    Kellie Ebert

    Kellie Ebert, is the Manager of the Eastin Center for Career Readiness in the Spears School of Business at Oklahoma State University. As the Manager of the Eastin Center, Kellie works primarily with undergraduate students, assisting them with all aspects of career readiness and professional development. In addition to her role at OSU, Kellie also works in small business development. Her past professional roles center around creating and building small businesses, fundraising, and event management. Kellie received her bachelor’s degree in Accounting from OSU and will complete her MBA from OSU this May.

  • Program Policies

    Proceeds from this workshop benefit the Eastin Center for Career Readiness in developing and supporting Spears School of Business students.

    Cancellation Policy: If a participant would like to cancel her/his registration less than 5 days prior to the program, you are welcome to send a substitute. A refund is available given notification no later than 6 days prior to the program. If you are cancelling your registration or transferring your registration to a colleague, please contact the OSU Center for Executive and Professional Development at 405-744-5208 or CEPD will send you an email confirming your cancellation and refund if applicable.

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