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Professional development plans created by you

Choose topics from our online library to build a professional development plan specific for you that can be completed at your own pace. With topics ranging from managing confrontations to effective communication and presentations to succession planning there is a session for everyone.

Self-paced eLearning courses via Canvas

  • Excel Superpowers

    Excel Superpowers: Improve Productivity and Efficiency | Carol Johnson, Ph.D.

    Registration fee: $80

    There are a few Excel skills that are fairly easy to learn and understand and go a long way toward increasing your productivity and saving you hours or even days of work. Knowledge is power and these critical, technical skills you learn will help you perform your work more efficiently.

    Participants will learn:
    • Concatenation: Combine multiple columns together in one column
    • Text to columns: Separate out one column into multiple columns (e.g. you have a column that lists customers’ names and you want to separate it out so one column has first name and another column has last name)
    • Vlookups: Easily and quickly transfer information from one worksheet to accompany related information on another worksheet
    • Filters: Easily and quickly filter out information to only the data/information that you want to view/work with right now
    • Pivot tables: Create a table of statistics that summarizes the data/information in your worksheet


    Learning Objectives:
    • Analyze how to complete the following: concatenation, text to columns, vlookups, filters, and pivot tables.
    • Identify and apply the different portions of excel superpowers to appropriate situations.
    • Assess and construct their own spreadsheet using the different superpowers.


    Participants can earn up to 1.5 CPE credit in Computer Software & Applications upon successful completion of the course.
    For CPE purposes, the knowledge level of the course is “basic”. No prerequisite knowledge or advanced preparation is required to be successful in this course. You will have 60 days after purchase to complete the course.

    Participants will learn through recorded videos, working through worksheets/exercises and knowledge checks. The program is one hour of instruction over five modules with Dr. Carol Johnson, OSU School of Accounting instructor. Anyone who is looking to improve their knowledge of Excel and works often in this software should register and learn from this program, which will make your life much easier when working with data and information.


    If a participant would like to cancel their registration, they are welcome to send a substitute by contacting our office at 405-744-5208 or No refund is available for this program. We will then send you an email confirming your cancelation/transfer.
    For more information regarding administrative policies such as complaints, please contact the program manager, Lindsey Ray, at 405-744-5208 or

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  • Managing Confrontations

    Managing Confrontations | Bryan Edwards, Ph.D.

    Registration fee: $250

    Four hours of instruction over nine modules with recorded videos, knowledge checks and discussion posts. Attend this online program to learn how to approach confrontations in a different and more encouraging way. This online program will help you effectively manage confrontations and make rapid and substantial improvements in individual, team and organizational results. You will learn a straightforward step-by-step process for identifying and resolving performance gaps, strengthening accountability, eliminating inconsistency and reducing resentment.


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Recorded webinars via GoToWebinar

  • Groupthink and other Decision Pitfalls

    Groupthink and other Decision Pitfalls | Matt Bowler, Ph.D. 

    1 ½ hours | Registration fee: $100

    One of the biggest myths about groups is that they make “better” decisions. Sometimes they do but often groups make poor decisions because of the many potential pitfalls of group decision making. This webinar will help you understand and avoid those pitfalls in order to make better quality decisions in a team setting. We will introduce and discuss ways to overcome both individual and group biases to improve decisions processes and outcomes.


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  • Effective Communications and Presentations

    Effective Communications and Presentations | Maribeth Kuzmeski, Ph.D. 

    1 hour | Registration fee: $75

    Whenever you are offered an opportunity to speak, it is an opportunity to make a positive and powerful impression. Learn how to engage an audience through the delivery of a confident presentation that clearly and concisely makes your case. You will explore how memorable presentations can increase influence and connection with an audience and are critical for introducing initiatives, increasing sales, team cohesiveness and productivity, and prospect and customer relationships.


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  • Bullying and Beyond: Workplace Conflict

    Bullying and Beyond: Workplace Conflict | Griffin Pivateau, J.D. 

    1 hour | Registration fee: $75

    Most employers have sexual harassment policies, but do not have one addressing bullying in the workplace. The proactive employer will realize that creating a means of addressing bullying must be a priority. In this webinar, we discuss workplace bullying, address the potential legal claims that it can generate and outline a proposed risk management plan.


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  • 3 Practical Ways to Enhance Customer Service

    3 Practical Ways to Enhance Customer Service | Lee Manzer, Ph.D.

    1 hour | Registration fee: $75

    Enhance your awareness of the principles and techniques of establishing and maintaining good customer service through credibility, motivation and communication.


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  • Storytelling: A Powerful Communication Tool

    Storytelling: A Powerful Communication Tool | Lee Manzer, Ph.D. 

    1 hour | Registration fee: $75

    Improve employee performance through the use of storytelling – creating a purposeful narrative to achieve a practical outcome with an individual, a community or an organization.


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  • Succession Planning: Transferring Knowledge and Skills to the Younger Generation

    Succession Planning: Transferring Knowledge and Skills to the Younger Generation | Bryan Edwards, Ph.D.

    1 hour | Registration fee: $75

    A concern for many organizations is the transfer of company knowledge and values from experienced employees to their successors as people leave the workforce. In this session we will discuss how to develop an effective succession plan to fill the knowledge gap and prepare for the future.


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