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Sales Certificate – Creating Value for Customers

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Earn a Sales Certificate

Sessions available for CPE and CEU credit

It is important to engage your customers and create a bond that will allow you to help them meet their goals and objectives. These programs are designed for those who market and sell to improve the selling process.

Who Should Attend

This certificate is designed for beginning salespeople and marketers and for those who are selling products or services.

Sales Certificate – Creating Value for Customers

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Delivering the Best Customer Service and Value

Lee Manzer, Ph.D.

The intensity of the global marketplace is forcing organizations to search for a structure and strategy to obtain a competitive advantage. Numerous management philosophies have risen in an attempt to assist organizations to be on the cutting edge. In analyzing these philosophies, it is evident that each is striving to return to the basics of business. This seminar is designed to enhance awareness of the principles and techniques of reestablishing and maintaining a focus on relationships—external and internal—as a customer competitive edge. Topics include the identification of the forces driving change, the logic of a compelling reason, the specifics of relationship principles, and the mechanisms and motivations needed in the implementation of relationship bonding.

What you will learn:

  • A practical approach to creating the buyer-seller relationship bond
  • How to create a customer service orientation within the sales force
  • How to identify and implement the “little things” of sales force motivation
  • How to use one’s “personal experiences” to influence customer’s attitudes and behavior

Sales Negotiations

Raj Basu, Ph.D.

This is a highly interactive, hands-on session, peppered with stories, anecdotes, exercises, and role playing. It teaches participants how to buy low, sell high, and close seemingly impossible deals. The ideal participant is anybody involved in selling goods and services or those involved in procurement and purchasing.

What you will learn:

  • How to negotiate hard but ethically
  • How to extract maximum value from every negotiation
  • How to make your customer feel like they received a great deal
  • How to close seemingly unworkable deals

Building Profitable Relationships and Power of Influence

Andrew Urich, J.D.

Everyone knows that business is all about personal relationships but how much effort does the typical professional expend developing this vital skill set? In this program, we will dissect human relationships and study their component parts. Topics include the importance of trust and respect, first impressions, networking, selling yourself, the science of likeability, dealing with irrational people, interpersonal needs, and the role of emotional connections in decision making. A deep understanding of these factors, combined with self-reflection, will help participants to strengthen and build profitable relationships.

What you will learn:

  • A new approach to networking that eliminates stress and leads to success
  • Skills to develop close connected business relationships
  • A system to increase your ability to influence customers, clients and individuals within your organization

Webinar: Predictive Marketing – Investing in Analytics to Optimize Your Return

Goutam Chakraborty, Ph.D.

It is important to identify the customers and prospects who are most likely to buy your product or service. Through this session, you will learn how to accurately track and analyze the results of marketing so you can measure the return on investment.

What you will learn:

  • You will have an overview of how analytics is being used to drive business value in organization
  • How to predict which of your customers/prospects are likely to take an action (such as make a purchase or return your call or reply to your email)
  • How to group customers/prospects into segments in terms of their needs, wants, and behaviors

Professional Selling

Steve Udrisky, MBA

This program will assist you with your business knowledge and process for successfully selling based on relationships. It features a 10-step process. In this process, you will learn the importance of prospecting, sales knowledge, and planning the sales call. You will also learn how to prepare and make a sales presentation by visually, verbally and nonverbally communicating your message. Finally, the program will explore the value of service and follow-up in retaining and growing profitable customer relationships.

What you will learn:

  • Repeatable sales process that can be immediately implemented
  • Increased success through planning and preparation
  • Ability to build and maintain sales based on relationships

Raj Basu, Ph.D., is an Associate Professor of Management in the Spears School of Business at Oklahoma State University. Dr. Basu researches and teaches in the areas of negotiation, conflict resolution, leadership, employee performance, team building, and change management. He has presented numerous seminars at Anadarko Petroleum, Chickasaw Nation, Edward Jones, ONE Gas, University at Tennessee at Chattanooga, and many others.

Goutam Chakraborty, Ph.D., is the Director of M.S. in Business Analytics and Ralph A. and Peggy A. Brenneman Professor of Marketing at Oklahoma State University. He has held managerial positions with a subsidiary of Union Carbide, USA and with a subsidiary of British American Tobacco, UK. He provides consulting services on issues related to developing business analytics capabilities, digital business strategy, and building and managing customer relationships. Companies such as Aetna, Thrifty Rent-A-Car, Globe Life Insurance, Hilti, Love’s Travel Stops, Vanguard Realtors, and others have used his consulting services.

Lee Manzer, Ph.D., is a Professor of Marketing at Oklahoma State University. Dr. Manzer is a nationally-recognized expert on service implementation. In addition, he has presented hundreds of seminars on topics such as attitude change, accountability, and creating a service culture, for a variety of national organizations and associations, including energy and petrochemical companies, manufacturing firms, financial institutions, and public service agencies.

Steve Udrisky, MBA, is an enthusiastic and effective communicator with an objective for helping others become the best that they can be. Since 2007, he has served as an adjunct lecturer in the Marketing Department of the Spears School of Business. His instruction centers on professional selling based on relationships and sales management. In addition to his teaching, he works professionally as a wealth management advisor for Merrill Lynch and leads the local Practice Management Development Program. Previous experience includes various roles in sales, marketing, training and operations for Coca-Cola and Kellogg’s.

Andrew Urich, J.D., is an interesting and enthusiastic communicator who helps people get what they want. He holds the Eastin Center Chair and is an Associate Professor of Management in the Spears School Business at Oklahoma State University. He also serves as Director of Student Development, Eastin Center for Talent Development in the Spears School Business at Oklahoma State University. Professor Urich is an award-winning instructor and has much experience in delivering topics on influence, critical thinking, and negotiations to companies such as Chesapeake Energy, Matrix Service Company, OGE, QuikTrip Corporation, Sulzer, and many others.

  • Program format
    Series of five sessions. Attend all five sessions and receive a Sales Certificate from OSU. CPE and CEU credits available.
  • CPE and CEU credits available. Up to 30.6 hours of Communications and Marketing CPE credit available.
  • For additional information or if you have any concerns please contact:
    Center for Executive and Professional Development
    Oklahoma State University, 215 Business Building
    Stillwater, OK 74078-4011 USA
    Telephone: 405-744-5208