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Oklahoma State University

HR for Moneyball

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WEBINAR | Wednesday, July 29 | 10:30 - Noon CT

This data analytics webinar will help you understand the management and strategic impact of data on your organization in relation to human resource activities. It will explore analytic applications and processes for implementing such initiatives. Business professionals interested in exploring analytics applications and processes for implementing such initiatives should attend this program. Participants will learn how to use data to solve business problems, improve leadership and select the right candidates for your organization.

Registration is free of charge.

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Strategic HR Decision Making with Analytics

Why do some organizations seem to effortlessly use data to drive their key decisions? The answer is that they have a culture that embraces and reinforces the consistent and optimal use of data. In order realize the benefits of a data culture, it’s important for HR business leaders to:

  • Understand their organization’s current data culture readiness
  • Identify potential barriers and opportunities in the organization’s analytic ecosystem
  • Use a simple approach for framing problems and opportunities to reinforce data analytic thinking and culture

Improved Leadership with Assessment & Analytics

Leaders can drastically improve the morale, performance and well-being of their teams by increasing employee involvement. With the Involved-Leadership assessment, participants will be provided a robust view of the Involved-Leadership for themselves (1st primary dimension) and their stakeholders (2nd primary dimension). This assessment will help HR business professionals understand how: 

  • The 10 subdimensions for Involving Self and Involving Others are critical in HR leadership
  • Existing HR data can be connected to involvement indicators to identify areas of focus that directly influence business outcomes
  • To build and broaden an Involvement culture to help your organization achieve its goals

Employee Selection with Analytics

The science of employee hiring has entered a new era with innovative methods of measuring human attributes combined with machine learning. Simplifying the process of recruitment and selection frees up time and resources for HR professionals and hiring managers. With the employee selection tool of AOEScience, HR business professionals can: 

  • Quickly identify applicants who will rapidly onboard and contribute from day one
  • Efficiently gather information on the defining elements of a job to drive selection decisions
  • Use machine learning to identify the strongest applicants

Bryan Edwards, Joe Synar Chair and Associate Professor, Department of Management, Spears School of Business, Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, OK

Craig Wallace, Department Head and Professor, Department of Management, College of Business, Clemson University, Clemson, SC

Ron Landis, Nambury S. Raju Professor of Psychology and Associate Professor, Stuart School of Business, Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago, IL

Jennifer Miller, Associate Professor, Department of Psychology, Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago, IL

Attend this program and receive:

  • 1 data culture readiness assessment provided by Millan Chicago: Data Science Strategies
  • 1 Involved-Leadership assessment provided by
  • 2 months usage of Employee Selection Tool (provided by AOEScience)