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Career Services has been a monumental asset to my college experience. Through resume critiques, career paths, and mock interviews I now have the confidence to secure a prestigious full time position. I credit OSU Career Services in landing an executive internship with Target as well as developing my professional skills. I encourage all students to take advantage of the wealth of information Career Services has to offer.

Gina Bowman, International Business

Throughout my three years at OSU I’ve continually stopped by the career services office in the School of Business. During that time I learned valuable experiences with writing resumes, preparing for interviews, and obtaining information on companies who are looking for college students. My current internship at Kerr-McGee has shed light on what company culture is all about and I’ve learned how to apply my educational background with the everyday challenges of the working environment. Career Services has opened up many opportunities that have further developed me for a successful future and without them I probably wouldn’t have had the chance to work for such great companies.

Jason Mick, Human Resource Management

Business Career Services has prepared me in so many great ways for the job search process. Without the assistance of many of the Business Career Specialists in conducting mock interviews, editing resumes and providing helpful job search strategy tips, I would have had a very difficult time earning an internship. Working as an intern has given me a wide variety of experiences that I would not have received otherwise until after graduation. It has allowed me to apply everything that I have learned in college to a professional work environment by mentally challenging me to learn new material, complete projects individually or as a team, meet deadlines and communicate with various personality types. Business Career Services has taught me to market myself in a way that will set me apart from the competition when interviewing for a job, and working as an intern has opened the doors to launching my career after graduation.

Lauren Edwards, Marketing

I cannot overemphasize how important internships are to your professional development. Especially for business, college teaches you theory and tools to use. You do not actually put those tools into action, which is the hardest part. You also do not learn the day-to-day activities that are crucial to professional growth. The past two summers I have learned how to work with and influence a board of directors, how to decide which magazine to advertise in and how to negotiate down the price, how to plan an event for 50 influential people, how to execute the hiring process, and much more. College is important because it teaches you to think; an internship is important because it teaches you situations and the actions to take.

Chelsea Whitehead, Marketing

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