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Oklahoma State University
Center for Advanced Global Leadership and Engagement (CAGLE)

Spears School of Business at Oklahoma State University

October 2018 - Undergraduate

Siqi Ma


Our undergrad international student of the month for October Siqi Ma mentions of her native country “I'm form Chengdu, China. My hometown also is the hometown of Panda. Whenever people don't know where I am from, I mention this interesting fact. I came from a city that likes to eat spicy food. Before I tried jalapeño, I thought I can eat very spicy food. But I lost to jalapeño.

Siqi Ma is a full time undergrad student pursuing a major in Finance and a minor in Energy Finance. Dr. Betty Simkins mentions that “Siqi Ma is an amazing finance student who I have greatly enjoyed having in my classes! Siqi is very involved in her studies. She’s enthusiastic and inquisitive and also has a warm and friendly personality. She will be very successful in her career!”

Siqi talks about her decision to travel all the way to Oklahoma and attend OSU “My university and OSU have 2+2 projects that is one reason. But I first decided to come to OSU because the color of the school is orange. I saw the fountain of the celebration, just like someone poured Fanta into the pool. I am attracted by the warm and friendly orange. When I arrived at OSU, I found that the friendliness and enthusiasm of this place exceeded my imagination. I really like OSU. I am very glad that I made this decision. Go Pokes!”

Best memories/experiences at OSU

“Like many college freshmen, I felt unfamiliar and had no sense of belonging to the new campus. I first joined ISO (International Student Organization). With several ISO activities, I became very good friends with many international students. We have different languages and cultures, but we have the same goals and wishes. We are learning at OSU and hope OSU will get better in the integration of international students.

I am honored to work at the ISS (International Student & Scholarship Office). This connected me to the CAGLE office. CAGLE provides a good chance for Chinese students to show our culture. With the help of Dr. José Sagarnaga, I participated in the celebration of Chinese New Year and Chinese Moon festival in their different activities, I constantly meet new friends. I feel strongly connected and I know I belong at OSU.”

Accomplishments and Hobbies

Siqi believes that her interesting background gives her look at life and the business world “Different cultural backgrounds often give me a lot of different ideas. For example, in the marketing course, I can share different solutions with my team members. In the entrepreneurship class, I can talk about a business model that is very popular in China and discuss if these ideas can be successful in the United States.”

Our International Student of the Month describes herself as always having a sprit for adventure, “I am willing to try anything I have not done. I liked to travel when I was very young, and I still like going to places I have never been to. I like to know a place in my own way, not just by looking at pictures or listening to stories. I believe that my type of personality allows me to accept all kinds of challenges. I’m not afraid of change and enjoy pursuing what I have not yet achieved. As a senior, I’m a bit worried about the future, but I am not afraid. My experiences and optimism remind me that I will always find a solution.”

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  • Siqi Ma
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