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Oklahoma State University
Center for Advanced Global Leadership and Engagement (CAGLE)

Spears School of Business at Oklahoma State University

March 2018

Moumita Sen


Moumita Sen was born in India and she describes her country as a land of multicultural diversity. As an amalgamation of various religions where traditions have become an intrinsic part of the Indian culture. Sen says, “The Indian culture today is the perfect blend of ancient heritage, cultural richness and foreign influences. It is very well known for its hospitality and strong values. Indian culture can be experienced in all the different cuisines from 29 states and 7 union territories, the attires, monuments, historical buildings and forts, natural beauty, festivals, music, dance, literature and also the movie industry which is the world's largest in terms of film production.”

Sen is a full-time Master in Business Administration student. She chose OSU because the MBA program is ranked among the top 100 in the United States and the concentration in Marketing Analytics is one of the best in the entire nation. In addition, OSU’s multi-cultural environment and the opportunity to interact with people from across the globe is a characteristic that Sen was looking forward to experiencing.

Best memories/experiences at OSU

“The homecoming parade with Coaches vs Cancer was one of the most special experiences that made me feel closer to the OSU community,” Sen said. “It was very motivating and was an honor to share a few moments with kids battling cancer, and those who have emerged victorious in the flight and yet have a smile on their face always!”

Accomplishments and Hobbies

Moumita Sen is a strong public speaker, an engaged student, and a friendly and kind person. She is currently the Vice President of International Affairs for the MBA Association and was the winner of Box Cricket League organized by the Indian Student's Association (ISA). She is also the student host for CEO Day for April 2018 and was among the top four teams in the MBA Case Competition Fall 2017.

When talking about sports, Sen says, “My love for team sports has helped me grow as a team player. It has instilled in me the essence of a good leader who believes in moving ahead with the entire team under all circumstances.”