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Oklahoma State University
Center for Advanced Global Leadership and Engagement (CAGLE)

Spears School of Business at Oklahoma State University

February 2019

Kimberly Rodriguez


Our undergraduate International Student of the Month for February is Kimberly Rodriguez. Kimberly is a resident of Houston, TX. Her Father is from Mexico, and her Mother is from Costa Rica! Kimberly loves having such a diverse heritage. She is fluent in Spanish, and enjoys visiting her parents’ home countries as often as she can. Kimberly is currently studying General Business. On choosing Oklahoma State Kimberly says, “I decided to come to Oklahoma State because I received a full scholarship for soccer, and loved the campus and how friendly everyone was.”

Best memories/experiences at OSU

In addition to the incredible friendships and opportunities Kimberly has had here, she says her time with her teammates on the Oklahoma State University Soccer Team has been the most impactful, “I play soccer here and last year we won the BIG 12 and that was such a great experience and made me feel closer to the OSU community.”

Accomplishments and Hobbies

Kimberly is a student-athlete, and plays for the Oklahoma State University Soccer team. The life of a student-athlete can be very demanding, yet Kimberly manages to continue to excel as a student and perform exceptionally as an athlete. Along with helping the OSU Soccer team take the BIG 12 championship last year, Kimberly was recently called up to the Mexican National Team. Kimberly says this is a defining opportunity for her, “Something that defines who I am is being able to represent a different country while playing the sport I love.” This is an amazing accomplishment and we applaud her for her achievements! Congratulations Kimberly!

  • Kimberly Rodriguez
  • Kimberly Rodriguez
  • Kimberly Rodriguez
  • Kimberly Rodriguez