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Oklahoma State University
Center for Advanced Global Leadership and Engagement (CAGLE)

Spears School of Business at Oklahoma State University

February 2018

Carlo Schiavon


Carlo Schiavon was born in Tehuacán, a beautiful small city known for its excellent cuisine and cultural heritage, located in Puebla, Mexico. He studied his bachelor’s degree at UPAEP in Puebla, Mexico, where he majored in Business Intelligence.

He came to OSU as part of the OSU-UPAEP Bridge Program, where he did his senior year at OSU. While studying his last year Schiavon took graduate level courses and decided to enroll in the MBA program. He will graduate in May 2018.

Best memories/experiences at OSU

“My favorite experience at OSU has been the opportunity of enrolling in Corporate Strategy with Dr. Scott Johnson which included a 10-day trip to China. During our course, we meet with students of Sun Yat-Sen University in Guangzhou where we worked in a consulting project for an American company. This trip gave me the opportunity to learn about the Chinese culture and their way of doing business”.

Accomplishments and Hobbies

He describes himself as a creative person; his main hobbies are swimming, cooking and thinking about innovative projects that could help the business world. During his stay at OSU, Schiavon has shown to be an excellent student, maintaining perfect grades, receiving different scholarships and participating in extra-curricular activities.

Carlo Schiavon