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Oklahoma State University
Center for Advanced Global Leadership and Engagement (CAGLE)

Spears School of Business at Oklahoma State University

April 2019 - Graduate

Josh Martinez


Our Graduate International Student of the Month for April is Josh Martinez. Josh is from Puebla, Mexico, the fourth biggest city in Mexico. Speaking on his time in Puebla, “I grew up surrounded by a fantastic culture that integrates delicious food, compelling history and many traditions that all together gave me a great childhood.” He is currently pursuing an MBA and has an interest in Business Analytics. His previous international experiences led him to OSU, “In the summer of 2015, I had my first international experience working for a summer camp in Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania. I was in the second year of my undergraduate program in Business Intelligence and Development at UPAEP in Mexico. The experience I had in the United States made me want to come back and not only to have another multicultural experience but to learn and study my passion, - that is business. When I came back to Mexico, I had the desire to participate in a study abroad program in the United States for various reasons. I decided to enroll in the Bridge program offered by UPAEP and OSU. Being able to finish my undergraduate program with honors and my MBA from an American institution in two years was a great fit with my career goals. I was very excited to go to OSU. The feedback I received from previous students was positive and assisted in making my decision to attend OSU.”

Best memories/experiences at OSU 

Josh exemplifies the Cowboy spirit through his service to others and passion for the OSU community, “Being at OSU has been a fantastic experience. I have enjoyed many of the sports events such as basketball and football games. Being in the stadium feeling and being part of the orange power is an experience I had not had before. I also enjoy sharing some of the Latin-American culture by teaching salsa dancing and organizing various activities for LASA. I have helped some of my colleagues with their Spanish skills by tutoring them and helping them to become bilingual; I think that is an excellent opportunity that we as international students have.”

Accomplishments and Hobbies

Josh has set himself apart during his time at OSU. In addition to maintaining his outstanding academic record, Josh is currently the Vice-President of the Latin-American Student Association, a Salsa instructor for the International Dance Club, and served as the Cultural Coordinator for the Latin American Student Association in 2018. Josh also engages in many hobbies. In his own words, “The three hobbies that define my personality are salsa dancing, hiking, and traveling. I love going to different countries and making international friends, learning about their cultures and traditions; some of my closest friends are from Mexico, the US, Bolivia, England, Scotland, Germany, France, and India. I think hiking is a great way to relax and get fresh ideas; here in Oklahoma, my favorite hiking spot is the Wichita mountains because of the many hiking trails it has. As the Mexican culture states dancing is not only a hobby but one of my passions, that's a great way of meeting new friends and letting the stress go away.” We are proud to have Josh as an OSU Cowboy and this months’ Graduate International Student of the Month! Congratulations Josh!

  • Josh Martinez
  • Josh Martinez
  • Josh Martinez
  • Josh Martinez