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Oklahoma State University
Center for Advanced Global Leadership and Engagement (CAGLE)

Spears School of Business at Oklahoma State University

Student Testimonials

Brittani Hunter headshot

“Studying abroad is something you have to experience in life”

-Brittani, Study Abroad and Travel - Australia

Jake Duke headshot

Another great reason for studying abroad:
“My experience in China was amazing; we made some long run friendships”

-Jake, Study Abroad and Travel - China

Logan Magill headshot

"The whole experience was very wild; we loved every single second of this experience”

-Logan, Study Abroad and Travel - France

“Everything about Dublin is amazing. From breathtaking chapels to upbeat local shops and restaurants, there is so much to learn and see. Dr. Wilson and Dr. Lawson did a wonderful job organizing sightseeing and sharing their insight. I hope everyone has the opportunity to go on the best trip of their lives!”
-Corian, Study Abroad and Travel - Dublin

“Dr. Basu was an incredible professor to go on study abroad within Amsterdam and Berlin. He gave insight into the background of each city, country, and the European Union. I left the trip with more knowledge of how the world operates, as well as more appreciation of other cultures. This was a once in a lifetime opportunity, and I am so glad that Spears encouraged me to take advantage of this program.”
-Alexis, Study Abroad and Travel - Amsterdam/Berlin

“Going to Australia is a trip of a lifetime for anyone. The people and culture of the country are totally unique and unlike anything I have ever experienced. I learned a lot about the impact of sports on a country’s economy and culture while still managing to make it to the beach in Sydney every day! I would recommend the trip to anyone who wants to study abroad and learn about business but also see some awesome wildlife and scenery.”
-Evyn, Study Abroad and Travel - Australia

“Dr. Pappas and Dr. Flaherty uphold a fantastic agenda for the entirety of the Greece program. The travel experiences and time spent in the country both served me in becoming more culturally aware of European norms. The personal growth, and memories I gained from this trip are completely irreplaceable. If you’re considering about going on a study abroad trip, think, dream, plan, and just go!”
-Jonathan, Study Abroad and Travel - Greece

“My three-week adventure in London gave me a whole new perspective on embracing businesses and cultures that view the world differently than I do. Working with professors Alyssa Vowell, Jose Sarganaga, and Bryan Edwards was a pleasure; the company visits and cultural experiences that they guided us on were truly exceptional. I will cherish the people that I met and the memories that I made for a lifetime.”
-Study Abroad and Travel - London

“Hong Kong was incredible and attending with Dr. Day was unbelievable! Dr. Day made Hong Kong my #1 college experience by providing the perfect blend of applied academic knowledge with an integrated culture experience. In fact, I’ve already obtained a job in reference to my Study Abroad. I would highly recommend this trip to anyone considering a career in law, entrepreneurship, or marketing!”
-Study Abroad and Travel - Hong Kong

“To experience another Culture and gain new knowledge about foreign business practices and be able to travel the world and add something to my resume to help myself stand apart from others is an experience I will never forget.”
-Study Abroad and Travel - Greece

“The combination of being in a new place and the people that were on the trip made the experience absolutely amazing.”
-Study Abroad and Travel - Spain

“The professors were incredible and we had a really great group of people. It was an amazing opportunity and anyone who has ever thought about traveling should definitely go.”
-Study Abroad and Travel - France

“Studying abroad is wonderful. I love that we are able to learn about the Italian culture and experience it at the same time, while gaining 3 hours of college credit.”
-Study Abroad and Travel - Italy

“My Study Abroad trip meant diving head-first into the unknown, it was a statement of independence. Being completely out of my element really built character.”
-Charlotte Collingsworth, Study Abroad and Travel - France