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It is no longer a secret; Israel is considered an unprecedented START-UP NATION. Companies and conglomerates are establishing development centers and technological business incubators in Israel. These form fertile land for unmatched success for many businesses. What is it which turns the HOLY LAND into a global Start – Up center? What is so special about the Israeli culture which enables so many Start – Up businesses to succeed? And how does the spirituality and long history connect with the establishment of the first Start – Up nation in the world.

Together we will take a fascinating tour into the depths of the Israeli Start – Up culture. We will go through the business and historical milestones. We shall be meeting with key players who will enable the tourist a glimpse behind the scenes of the Holy Land and Start – Up. You will visit a variety of businesses along with visits to Jerusalem including the Christian Quarter – Old City, Wailing Wall, Church of Holy Sepulchre and Mary Magdalene, Tel Aviv, Galil, and Ramat Ha’ Golan, Sea of Galilee, Monastery of St. George, Dead Sea and more.


BADM 4093, 5093 (I): Study Abroad: Business Impacts of Contemporary International Culture
EEE 3090, 5090: Study Abroad in Entrepreneurship

Travel Dates:

March 17-28, 2018

Meeting Dates:

Coming soon


craig watters

Craig Watters, School of Entrepreneurship



Fee covers tuition for three credit hours, health and travel insurance, lodging, in-country transportation, all breakfasts, a few group meals, entry fees into group tours and business visits. CAGLE will assist in organizing your air travel, but it is your responsibility to purchase your own ticket. Airfare is estimated at $1,500. Program fee will be charged to your bursar account as shown in the Payment Schedule.

Payment Schedule:

# of students Total Program Costs Tuition Fees
8-10 TBD $1,046.25 TBD
11-12 TBD $1,046.25 TBD
12-14 TBD $1,046.25 TBD
15+ TBD $1,046.25 TBD

**Deadline for applications to determine program costs will be January 17th, 2017

**Tuition and Fees will be billed on January 18th, 2017


To Enroll:

Please check with your academic advisor before enrolling in any of our study abroad and travel courses.

To Drop:

Please visit our office at 104E Business Building.

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