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to our Global Students of the Month!
CAGLE and the Spears School of Business are proud to announce our Graduate Global Student of the Month is Maryam Taherirani who is currently pursuing a Masters in Business Analytics and our Undergraduate Global Student of the Month Felicia Mudjialim, studying Management Sciences and Information Systems. 
March Global Students of the Month


to our Global Faculty of the Month!
The Center for Advanced Global Leadership and Engagement (CAGLE) and the Spears School of Business are excited to name Dr. Jeanine Porck the February 2021 Global Faculty of the Month.


A global partnership 


The CAGLE has partnered with Taylor's Restaurant, the teaching restaurant run by the School of Hospitality and Tourism Management, to recognize our Global Students every month. Each Global Student will receive two free meals. Taylor's Restaurant provides students, faculty, staff, and OSU guests an option for lunch not found elsewhere on campus. Each week's menu highlights new international cuisine.



CAGLE-Taylors Partnerships

Previous Global Students of the Month


  • Katya Bulawka - February 2021
  • Juan Castro - January 2021
  • Vivienne Sander - December 2020
  • Alex Moreau - November 2020
  • Maria Simon - October 2020
  • Alexis Hightower - December 2019

    Alexis Hightower


    Our Undergraduate Global Student of the Month for December is Alexis Hightower! Alexis is from Aktobe, Kazakhstan. Aktobe is a very important industrial center of Kazakhstan. Everything from ferroalloys to vodka are produced, harnessed, mined, or manufactured within the city. In addition to the active industry, it is also a prominent city for the arts, sports, religion, and education. Alexa likes to point out the unique aspects of her culture, “In our culture, it is common to shake with both hands rather than just one. Rather than a firm handshake, our cultural norm is to have a gentle handshake. It is also better to dress more formal rather than for comfort. It is considered disrespectful if one dresses too informal. Another common thing amongst Kazakhstan culture that is different compared to the United States is that we usually open gifts when we receive them rather than opening them later. Most men of Kazakhstan will not shake hands with women either. Also, we serve to guests a boiled sheep's head on a plate. Then we divide the sheep's head amongst certain people in the family based on their importance.”  Alexis is very proud of her culture, “Being from Kazakhstan makes me stand apart from my classmates because I know there are very few students and even non-students that are from Kazakhstan. I am able to share my culture with those around me that are not aware with how different Kazakhstan is compared to the United States. I am also adopted from there so I am able to share my life-story and how I ended up at Oklahoma State.” 


    Alexis studies Management with a minor in International Business at Oklahoma State University. Alexis loves the OSU community, “I decided to study at OSU because this campus and the people here are extremely kind and friendly. The campus itself is very beautiful and inviting. Stillwater is a very small town that is not overwhelmingly big. It feels more home styled rather than like a large city. Oklahoma State also has a very well-known Business School. The Spears School of Business is a very professional and supportive school. It has many programs that help students on interviews, resumes, and allows people to gain more experience in the working field.”  When asked about her favorite experiences at OSU, she talked about the experiences with her sorority, “I was involved in Homecoming with my sorority and was able to help with putting together a large decoration for Walk-Around. After it was finished I was able to see all of it put together and notice how much of an impact it has to Homecoming overall. Knowing that thousands of people are walking around and seeing all the hard work that goes into this deck is incredible.”



    Alexis is very hardworking. She is a member of Phi Kappa Phi, a prestigious Honors society, and of Pi Beta Phi, a fraternity for women. She also participates as a member of the Center of Sales and Service Excellence Program. When she isn’t busy with those organizations, she is helping her fellow classmates and peers as a Teaching Assistant for Marketing 3213 and as a Peer Mentor for the Freshman Seminar course, BADM 1111. She doesn’t stop there though. Alexis also works as a Sales Rep for Max Q and a Cosmetic Specialist at Level 7 Salon. We asked Alexis if she had time for hobbies, and she said yes, “Hobbies that define who I am are my ability to run half-marathons and that I am a dancer. I danced for 15 years and I have been running half-marathons for a year. I tried out for OSU Pom coming into college but did not make the team. I enjoy being outside and seeing the nature that you are not able to see in a car. My personality traits that set me apart are that I am extremely extroverted and energetic. I will talk to anyone about anything no matter the time of day. I am also always smiling and in a great mood. I tend to look on the positive side of things and will always try to put others in a great mood and have a positive outlook on everything.” We are very impressed with Alexis’s achievements! We are proud to call Alexis an Oklahoma State Cowgirl, and excited to nominate her as December’s Undergraduate Global Student of the Month! Congratulations Alexis!

Honoring our finest

Every month the Spears School of Business in collaboration with the CAGLE Center will select the Spears Business Global Students of the Month. Faculty, staff and students from OSU can nominate any student that the nominator thinks should be selected and has the following criteria:

  • Full-time business international student
  • Actively involved in extra-curricular activities at OSU
  • Minimum GPA 2.5 (undergraduate) and 3.0 (graduate)
  • Two on campus references (faculty and/or staff)

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