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Oklahoma State University

MS in Business Analytics & Data Science

On Campus and Online

The MS in Business Analytics and Data Science (MSBAnDS) is a STEM that program offers students practical data analysis experience by applying knowledge acquired in classrooms to solving real-world business problems. In 2020, our program was listed as 21st in the TFE times ranking of Masters Programs in Analytics with other recognitions noted here. We use state-of-the-art enterprise level analytics software from multiple vendors such as Alteryx, SAS, Tableau as well as open source software such as Google Colab, Python and R which provide great advantages in the competitive job market. This is a 21-months program (for full-time on campus students) of which up to 7 months may be used for internships (3 months of summer internship and 4 months of advanced internships or co-op in the last semester). Beyond 22 credit hours of core courses, students have the choice of specializing in various options such as marketing analytics, healthcare analytics, advanced data science or cybersecurity analytics.

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Program Highlights

100% of students received paid summer internships in 2017-2019 

90% of  2017- 2019 graduates  received offers within 3 months  of graduation 

AACSB accredited and STEM Designated

Multiplatform Training on R, Python, SAS, and Tableau


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Cohort Profile

FT Cohort Size : 30

Average GRE : 318

Average GMAT : 658

Average Work Exp. : 1.5  Years

2020 Prior Industry Experience

FT Cohort Size : 32

Average GRE : 313

Average GMAT : 620

Average TOEFL : 98

Average Work Exp. : 2.5  Years

Prior work experience

FT Cohort Size : 37

Average GRE : 312

Average GMAT : 598

Average TOEFL : 97

Average Work Exp. : 3.5  Years

Bar Graph of Prior Industy Experience

FT Cohort Size : 36

Average GRE : 315

Average GMAT : 635

Average TOEFL : 103

Average Work Exp. : 3 Years

Bar Graph of Prior Industy Experience

FT Cohort Size : 31

Average GRE : 312

Average GMAT : 527

Average TOEFL : 95

Average Work Exp. : 2.5 Years

Bar Graph of Prior Industy Experience

FT Cohort Size : 41

Average GRE : 310

Average GMAT : 625

Average TOEFL : 97

Average Work Exp. : 3.5 Years

Bar Graph of Prior Industy Experience