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Oklahoma State University
Analytics and data mining programs

Spears School of Business at Oklahoma State University

Business Analytics Student Organization (BASA)

BASA is an organized body by means of which Masters of Science in Business Analytics, a graduate degree program under the department of Marketing in the Spears School of Business students can cooperate in matters of common concerns and student welfare to bring about closer relations among the MSBAN students, the Administration, Faculty and Student Body. It also aims to strengthen the relationship between the current MSBAN graduates and the alumni.

The executive committee members of the BASA are given below with their designation:

vivek manikandan

President: Vivek Manikandan Damodaran

sid grover
Vice President: Sid Grover

vivek doijd

Administrative Officer: Vivek Doijd

jaideep muley

Financial Chair : Jaideep Muley

rosie nguyen

Activity Chairperson: Rosie Huong Nguyen

rishanki jain

GPSGA Representative: Rishanki Jain

sujal alugubelli

Business Student Council: Sujal Reddy Alugubelli

harsh gupta

Marketing Department Representative 1: Harsh Gupta

vivek singh

Marketing Department Representative 1: Vivek Singh