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Oklahoma State University
Analytics and Data Mining Programs

Spears School of Business at Oklahoma State University

Analytics Projects

DitchWitch, Perry, OK

“Working with the OSU Business Analytics students was a real eye opener, not just in how well the students were engaged and preformed but also in how they identified aspects of our company we did not give them. We were very impressed with the results and will take the students recommendations seriously. This project made us excited about utilizing the program again for future projects. Great Job!”

Amber Biggs
Market Research Analyst
Perry, OK

Globe Insurance Company, Oklahoma City, OK

“We were pleased to participate in a project with the students from Dr. Chakraborty’s data mining course. The students were able to take a realistic marketing challenge and come up with a wide variety of solutions using the skill sets they had been developing in the classroom. It was mutually beneficial in that we were able to glean from the excellent ideas the students had developed and apply them to our own knowledge base for similar marketing issues.”

Michael Burlison
Marketing Project Manager
Globe Life & Accident Ins.Co.
Oklahoma City, OK

Go Ahead Tours, Cambridge, MA

“We were very happy to participate in the class project. The student groups analyzed CRM data along with feedback survey data and built models that predicted the likelihood of repeat purchase. The students have applied skills that they learned in the class room and came up with insights that were very helpful to the company.”

Satya Divi
Director of Business Analysis & Strategy

Oklahoma State Department of Health, Oklahoma City, OK

“Working with the inquisitive and enthusiastic students from Oklahoma State University on the Oklahoma State Department of Health Family Planning Data Mining Project was a delight. Students made us feel that our project was a main focus and we were provided with a wealth of information regarding our current practices. We are currently working toward implementing one student team’s predictive model into a marketing campaign. An additional student team provided the necessary information for us to move forward on changing an existing process to create a more efficient billing system. Thank you for all the hard work that obviously went into this project by the Marketing Department and the OSU students!“

Toni Frioux, MS, CNS, ARNP
Assistant Deputy Commissioner of Health
Community and Family Health Services

The Oklahoman, Oklahoma City, OK

“We were happy to help OSU students gain first-hand knowledge by sponsoring a data mining project. The students analyzed a part of our subscription data and built predictive models that produced valuable insights for us.”

Gary Shaffer

The Principal Financial Group, Des Moines, IA

“We were pleased to provide the OSU students with a hands-on modeling experience to put their learning to the test. The OSU student groups demonstrated attention to detail, inquisitiveness, initiative, sound statistical techniques and produced outcomes which will be helpful to our company. The students asked great questions along their modeling journey and presented their results well. It’s a great way for community oriented companies to support the development of future data miners and strong business analysts.”

Deb Ingram
Director, Analytics and List Management
The Principal Financial Group
Des Moines, IA

Progressive Insurance

“We got to participate in a project with students from Dr. Chakraborty’s data mining class at OSU. The students were able to quickly grasp the nuances of a difficult marketing and data challenge and were able to come up with a wide spectrum of innovative data solutions. They used the skills they have been developing the class room and were also able to come up with detailed write up and analysis for our teams to look at. This bake off concept was a great way for us to ideate on a lot of different solutions and we will be able to apply these ideas on our own data for a complete solution now”

Ujval Gandhi
Manager – Data Analytics, Agency Distribution
Progressive Insurance

Seton Identification products, Connecticut

“OSU student groups analyzed our data as a class project and we were very pleased with the rigor and the quality of their analyses. We learned important insights about our customers buying behavior through this project.”

Bruno Butruille
Database Marketing Manager
Seton Identification Products USA

US payments LLC ,Tulsa, OK

“We were pleased with the level of effort Dr. Chakraborty’s students gave to both understanding our underlying business problem and to developing workable solutions to our predictive modeling needs. Several students developed creative modeling approaches and added to our base of knowledge. From this initial effort, a workable model is currently being developed that should increase the accuracy and profitability of our site selection decisions.”

Michael Render
President RVA LLC, Consultant For US Payments LLC

Vail Resorts Management Company, Broomfield, CO

“It was a pleasure to have the opportunity to work with the OSU students of Dr. Chakraborty’s data mining and analytics course. The students worked to help us better understand the customer migration patterns that we have seen over the last few years. The insights that were uncovered by the students have been extremely beneficial to our marketing and customer intelligence efforts. We hope to have the opportunity to work with Dr. Chakraborty and the students of OSU on future data mining projects.”

Brett Wallace
CRM Campaign Manager
Vail Resorts Management Company

Bankers Financial Corporation, St Petersburg, FL

“All of the OSU teams have done some great analysis work with the data and have come up with very interesting patterns. We were pleasantly surprised with a number of observations which none of us had thought about before. Thanks to all the teams for discovering them and enlightening us with those insights.”

Sai Giridharan
VP – Business Intelligence & Analytics
Bankers Financial Corporation