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Oklahoma State University
Analytics and Data Mining Programs

Spears School of Business at Oklahoma State University

Placement of Analytics Students

The MSBAN is a cost effective program for all students. For international students in particular, the ROI from MSBA program is phenomenal. It takes less than 19 months to payback total cost of attending the MSBAN program (including tuition and all fees, living expenses in Stillwater) as detailed below. These calculations do not take into account any graduate assistantship. If a student gets a graduate assistantship from the college (awarded on a merit basis to some students), then the payback period is even lower.

return on investment

Full Time Offers

2017 Graduating Class Placement: Companies

2017 Graduating Class Placement: Positions

2017 Graduating Class Placement: Sectors

2017 Graduating Class Placement: Compensation and Signing Bonus


Summer Internships

2017 Summer Internship Offers

2017 Internship Sectors

Advanced Internships (Co-Ops)

Advanced Internships

Company Funded Research Assistantships

Company Funded Research Assistantships from Spring 2016 and Fall 2016

Company Funded Research Assistantships Fall 2017 only