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Oklahoma State University
Analytics and data mining programs

Spears School of Business at Oklahoma State University

Program Details - Graduate Certificate in Business Data Mining

The Graduate Certificate in Business Data Mining curriculum requirement is a minimum of 12 credit hours. All these hours can be transferred to the MS in Business Analytics, if you decide to enroll in that degree at a later date but before you file for the diploma in graduate certificate in business data mining.

Required Courses


MBAN 5733: Descriptive Business Analytics


MBAN 5743: Predictive Business Analytics

MBAN 5733

Common Electives – minimum six credit hours


MKTG 5243: Base SAS® Programming


MKTG 5253: Advanced SAS® Programming

MKTG 5243 or must have passed SAS® Certified Base Programmer Credential

MBAN 5510-5560: Short courses about current topics in analytics such as Web Analytics, GIS Applications in Marketing Analytics, Consulting in Analytics, Marketing Optimization, Using R for Analytics, Customer LTV Models in Analytics and so on.
MKTG 5500: Current Topics in Marketing Analytics
MBAN 5753: Advanced Business Analytics
MBAN 5743
MBAN 5763: Advanced Marketing Research Analytics
MBAN 5753
MSIS 5633 Business Intelligence, Tools and Techniques
MSIS 5643 Advanced Data Base Management


Note: For those who joined OSU in 2014, MBAN 5733 may be replaced by MKTG 5983 and MBAN 5743 may be replaced by MKTG 5963