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Oklahoma State University
Analytics and Data Mining Programs

Spears School of Business at Oklahoma State University

SAS® and OSU Data Mining Certificate Program

Chakraborty teaching class

What is Data Mining, Predictive analytics or Data Science?

All of these involve the use of both Statistical and Non-Statistical (Machine Learning) tools and techniques to discover meaningful patterns and to build predictive models using appropriate data (numeric and non-numeric) to help in decision-making. The difference between these terms reflect the degree of expertise that you have in data extraction, manipulation, programming, analysis and interpretation of results.

SAS® and OSU Certificate Programs

The three levels (Data Mining, Predictive analytics or Marketing Data Science) of the SAS® and OSU certificate programs build on each other and are designed to produce analysts who will be adept in extracting, exploring and analyzing large quantities of data (numeric and non-numeric) to discover meaningful patterns, develop prediction models and develop rules for making better business decisions. The curriculum for this program is designed in partnership with SAS, a leading provider of business analytics and data mining software and services. The curriculum changes based on the needs of the marketplace. For current curriculum and eligibility, please visit the program details link in the left navigation bar.