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Spears School of Business at Oklahoma State University

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“My career has taken me from KPMG to newspaper, television and radio broadcasting, film, records and hospitality, dealing with companies like Time Warner, Viacom, and CBS. Being in Stillwater at OSU taught me values as well as accounting. Attitude and expectations go a long way. I feel like the quality of education and experience at OSU prepared me with the ability to compete with anyone in the world.”
– Terry E. London, president and CEO, Gaylord Entertainment, Nashville; MS in Accounting, 1973

“The professional accounting program at OSU has been and continues to be a primary source of professionals for KPMG. OSU accounting graduates are well prepared for entry into the fast-paced, ever-changing world of business.”
– Rocky L. Duckworth, managing partner, Oklahoma City Office of KPMG, BSBA in Accounting, 1972

“Halliburton has a long history of recruiting accountants from OSU. Many of these individuals have progressed into managerial positions within our global organization. OSU accounting graduates consistently rate high on our interview scorings, resulting in generous employment offers for entry-level positions in our Houston and Duncan offices.”
– Bryce Tawney, OSU recruiting coordinator, Halliburton Company, (Houston)

“If you are considering a degree in accounting, Oklahoma State University’s School of Accounting provides outstanding programs. Kerr-McGee, as well as many other companies in the Southwest, considers the School of Accounting at OSU to be one of the top accounting schools in the United States.”
– John C. Linehan, executive vice president (retired), Kerr-McGee Corporation, (Oklahoma City); BSBA in Accounting, 1961

“I believe the accounting program at Oklahoma State is one of the best. It prepared me well for the real world over twenty years ago and, based on the outstanding performance of a more recent graduate I was lucky enough to hire, I know the program still turns out outstanding people. I am a proud and strong supporter of OSU’s School of Accounting.”
– Patricia Creekmore, vice president and general auditor, PepsiCo, Inc., (New York); BSBA in Accounting, 1975

“Growing up in Oklahoma, I had no real appreciation for the opportunities that existed for me. My OSU education, and the School of Accounting, showed me a world of opportunity and put me on a course of realizing my full potential. I will be forever grateful.”
– James D. Eggers, partner, Arthur Andersen LLP, (Houston); BSBA in Accounting, 1982

“The outstanding accounting education I received at OSU provided me with the foundation I needed to become a partner with Deloitte & Touche at a time when a few women achieved that position in international firms. The program’s high quality has only increased over time enabling graduates from many backgrounds to achieve their diverse goals. This long-term, consistent excellence is why employers around the world view graduates of OSU’s School of Accounting as preferred employment candidates.”
– Jenelle Schatz, tax partner, Deloitte & Touche, (Tulsa); BSBA in Accounting, 1975

“My time at OSU left with me with many fond memories. But more importantly, OSU provided a skinny kid from Okmulgee, Oklahoma, an accounting education that served as a strong foundation for careers in academe, public accounting and FASB Board Member. The fact that Arthur Andersen continues to recruit heavily the outstanding students from the School of Accounting underscores that quality instruction and curriculum, as well as a student-oriented faculty, continue to exist after all these years.”
– G. Michael Crooch, partner, Arthur Andersen (Chicago); BS in Accounting, 1966; MS in Accounting, 1967

“OSU’s master’s program was the launching point and catalyst for my graduate accounting education and professional career. The faculty and my student colleagues analyzed accounting issues in new and different ways, and embraced changes in accounting methods in a rich and rewarding learning environment. OSU continues to have a lasting impact on my personal and professional pursuits. I value my friendships with the accounting faculty and my fellow graduates. The faculty continuously update the curriculum in response to changing market needs. The OSU accounting programs are benchmarks that other programs measure themselves against. OSU faculty have valuable perspectives to share with their students. [Students] benefit from the partnerships that international, national, and local companies and firms have with the OSU School of Accounting.”
– George W. Krull, Jr., partner, Grant Thornton (Chicago); MS in Accounting, 1966