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Oklahoma State University
faculty research

Spears School of Business at Oklahoma State University


Zachary Arens
Research: Substituting products, consumer desire

Assistant Professor in marketing, Zachary Arens, describes his research on consumer substitution solutions.

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Rebecca Greenbaum
Research: Unethical Behavior, Relationship Conflict and Workplace Ostracism

Greenbaum’s research focused on the social implications of unethical behavior in the workplace and used moral theories to test her hypotheses.

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Aaron Hill
Research: Lobbying and its effect on firms.

Aaron Hill’s research focuses on understanding how personal characteristics and situational factors affect firm-level outcomes.

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Ji Hoon Jhang
Research: Time Management

Ji Hoon Jhang smiles and apologetically tries to explain his actions. The assistant professor of marketing says he wanted to be interviewed. Really. He did. He wanted to share his research. So why did he try to push back the interview date to the following week?

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Betty Simkins

Betty Simkins’ sunny disposition belies her fascination with … mass destruction. Indeed, the finance professor says she loves researching what legendary investor Warren Buffett once called “financial weapons of mass destruction.”

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