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Oklahoma State University

Impactful Publications by Spears School Faculty: 2015-2016

This page highlights papers that were published in the SSB incentive program journals. SSB faculty have published papers in many other journals. For a summary of recent departmental publications, please visit the departmental research pages linked above, or visit individual faculty member’s profiles.


Bradley Lawson:
Bradley P. Lawson, D. Wang, 2015. “The Earnings Quality Information Content of Dividend Policies and Audit Pricing” Contemporary Accounting Research

William Schwartz:
Campbell, J.L, Downes, J.F. & Schwartz, W.C., 2015. “Do Sophisticated Investors Use the Information Provided by the Fair Value of Cash Flow Hedges?” Review of Accounting Studies

Economics and Legal Studies

Mehtabul Azam:
Azam, M., Kingdon, G.G., 2015. “Assessing Teacher Quality in India.” Journal of Development Economics.

Laurie Lucas:
Lucas, L.A., Maarec, A.D. & Morton, J.C., 2016. “’Abusive’ Acts or Practices Under the CFPA’s UDAAP Prohibition.” The Business Lawyer 71: 749-57.


Robert Baron:
(2016) “Self-Efficacy and Entrepreneurs’ Adoption of Unattainable Goals: The Restraining Effects of Self-Control,” Journal of Business Venturing
(2015) “Regulatory Modes and Entrepreneurship: The Mediational Role of Alertness in Small Business Success.” Journal of Small Business Management
(2015) “A Review of Multilevel Regulatory Focus in Organizations.” Journal of Management


Ali Nejadmalayeri:
Lamoureux, C.G., & Nejadmalayeri, A. 2015. “Costs of Capital and Public Issuance Choice” Journal of Baking and Finance, 61, 27-45.

Qin Wang:
Qin Wang, Jun Zhang, 2015. “Does Individual Investor Trading Impact Firm Valuation?” Journal of Corporate Finance, 35, 120-135.
Gennaro Bernile, Johan Sulaeman, Qin Wang, 2015. “Institutional Trading during a Wave of Corporate Scandals: ‘Perfect Payday’? ” Journal of Corporate Finance, 34, 191-209
Gennaro Bernile, George Korniotis, Alok Kumar, Qin Wang, 2015. “Local Business Cycles and Local Liquidity” Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis, 50 (5), 987-1010


Aaron Hill:
Ridge, J., Ingram, A., & Hill, A.. In Press. “Beyond Lobbying Expenditures: How Lobbying Breadth and Political Connectedness Affect Firm Outcomes.” Academy of Management Journal
Ridge, J., Hill, A., & Aime, F. In Press. “Implications of Multiple Concurrent Pay Comparisons for Top Team Turnover.” Journal of Management
Greenbaum, R.L., Hill, A., Mawritz, M.B., & Quade, M.J. In Press. “Employee Machiavellianism to Unethical Behavior: The Role of Abusive Supervision as a Trait Activator.” Journal of Management.
Petrenko, O., Aime, F., Ridge, J., & Hill, A. 2016. “Corporate Social Responsibility or CEO Narcissism? CSR Motivations and Organizational Performance.” Strategic Management Journal, 27(2): 262-279.
Hill, A., Upadhyay, A., & Beekun, R. 2015. “Do Female and Ethnically Diverse Executives Endure Inequity in the CEO Position or Do They Benefit from Their Minority Status? An Empirical Examination.” Strategic Management Journal, 36(8): 1115-1134.
Johnson, P., Smith, M., Wallace, J.C., Hill, A., & Baron, R. 2015. “A Review of Multilevel Regulatory Focus in Organizations.” Journal of Management, 41(5): 1501-1529.

Jason Kiley:
S.D. Graffin, J. Haleblian, Jason T. Kiley, “Ready, AIM, acquire: Impression offsetting and acquisitions.” Academy of Management Journal, (forthcoming)

Rebecca Greenbaum:
Quade, M. J., Greenbaum, R. L., & Petrenko, O. V. (in press) “I don’t want to be near you, unless…”: The interactive effect of unethical behavior and performance onto workplace ostracism.” Personnel Psychology

Alexis Smith:
Alexis Smith, S.V. Simms, “The impact of discrimination on organizations. In A. J. Colella & E. B. King (Eds.), Oxford Handbook of Workplace Discrimination.” Oxford University Press, (Forthcoming)
M. Hernandez, D.R. Avery, S. Tonidandel, M.R. Hebl, Alexis Smith, P.F. McKay, “The role of proximal social contexts: Assessing stigma-by-association effects on leader appraisals.” Journal of Applied Psychology, (Forthcoming)

J. Craig Wallace:
Paul D. Johnson, Mickey B. Smith, Aaron D. Hill, Craig Wallace, Robert Baron, 2015. “A Review of Multilevel Regulatory Focus in Organizations.” Journal of Management, 41 (5), 1501-1529

Cynthia Wang:
Cynthia S. Wang, J. Whitson, Joongseo Kim, J. Cao, A. Scrimpshire, 2015. “Culture, mobility, and social exclusion and inclusion strategies.” Organizational Behaviour and Human Decision Processes

Jennifer A. Whitson, Cynthia S. Wang, Joongseo Kim, Jiyin Cao, Alex J. Scrimpshire, 2015. “Responses to normative and norm-violating behavior: Culture, job mobility, and social inclusion and exclusion.” Organizational Behaviour and Human Decision Processes, 129, 24-35.

Jennifer A. Whitson, Cynthia S. Wang, Ya Hui M. See, Wayne E. Baker, J. Keith Murnighan, 2015,.”How, when, and why recipients and observers reward good deeds and punish bad deeds.” Organizational Behaviour and Human Decision Processes, 128, 84-95

Management Science and Information Systems

Dursun Delen:
Dursun Delen, Hasan Dincer, Unit Hazioglu, Ekrem Tatoglu, “A Fuzzy-Hybrid Analytic Model to Assess Investors’ Perceptions for Industry Selection.” Decision Support Systems, (Forthcoming)
Eyup Basti, Cemil Kuzey, Dursun Delen, 2015. “Analyzing initial public offerings’ short-term performance using decision trees and SVMs.” Decision Support Systems, 73 (C), 15-27
Hamed Majidi Zolbanin, Dursun Delen, Amir Hassan Zadeh, “Predicting Overall Survivability in Comorbidity of Cancers: A Data Mining Approach.” Decision Support Systems, (Forthcoming)

Rathin Sarathy:
Krish Muralidhar, Rathindra Sarathy, Han Li, 2016. “Secure attribute sharing of linked microdata.” Decision Support Systems, 81, 20-29.
Krishnamurty Muralidhar, Christine O’ Keefe, Rathindra Sarathy, 2015. “A Bootstrap Mechanism for Response Masking in Remote Analysis Systems.” Decision Sciences, 46 (6), 1199–1226.1540-5915

Marketing and International Business

Tom Brown:
Alex Zablah, D. Todd Donavan, Brad Carlson, James Maxham III, Tom J. Brown, “What Goes Around Comes Around Stronger: A Cross-Lagged Test of the Relationship between Customer Satisfaction and Employee Job Satisfaction.” Journal of Applied Psychology, (Forthcoming)

Steven Shepherd:
Shepherd, S., Chartrand, T.L., & Fitzsimons, G.J., 2015. “When Brands Reflect Our Ideal World: The Values and Brand Preferences of Consumers Who Support versus Reject Society’s Dominant Ideology.” Journal of Consumer Research.