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Oklahoma State University
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Spears School of Business at Oklahoma State University

Course Delivery Methods

Business online learning programs primarily use the Internet to deliver course content. For some courses, computer CDs might be used. In either case, unlike text-based distance programs, you’ll receive a copy of the live, in-class lecture that has been captured in a digital format. Instructors normally post notes and slide presentations, as well.

Available delivery methods are outlined below

You can view them on the Internet.

  • Internet video streaming: View class sessions online within 12-24 hours after the lecture has been given and the course produced. A fast broadband connection is needed for this option, which allows you to view video lectures over the Internet without downloading and storing the lecture files on your computer.

Check out our How to View a Lecture page.

Having trouble viewing a lecture?

  1. Still having trouble after reading the help page? Request Video Lecture Tech Support

Additionally, students and faculty members extensively use an online classroom system called Brightspace that enables students to communicate with each other and their professor through discussion boards, submit assignments, download lectures, see their grades, and more – all in one place! There is no additional cost for using the online system.

All courses are taught by the Spears School of Business‘ high-quality faculty members, who have national and international reputations in their fields.